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Pogie the Bear

Thats Pogius T Bear to you. Pogie was the black sheep of the family. Inspite of a strong personality and lucky career breaks that make me green with envy. Pogie did time more than once and had hard corp substance abuse problems, ie Heroin. Pogie was my moms brother, and his name was Walt. You can tell by the participle that Wally is no longer with us, but we will get to that latter.
Now Wally had reached just about his worse, having destroyed yet another marriage, and injected a house and business into his arms. For him no big deal just replace it. Walt suddenly made a turn, some friends got ahold of him and he got a revelation of the truth and was born again. This happened in no small way and wally was real obnoxious about it. Having all been raised that way we were all very tolerant.
In 1989 I suffered a back injury and had to leave my job as a driver. Walt set me up with an opportunity selling cable television in Davis, California. There was a small mobile home right behind the Amtrak station. Davis California is Bicycle heaven and I lived on mine, only taking time to sell in the evenings (or party in the sororities) when everyone was home. I used this time to ride around and explore every park in town. To help pace myself I had a small pocket new testament. (still have it) and I would read a few chapters at every stop. Well pretty soon the whole book was read. Then a funny thing happened. Not funny ha ha but funny strange, I had a vision.
Now that should come as no surprise, i'm living with someone who prays constantly and almost never watches network television in favor of religious broadcast. It only stands to reason that there were strong spiritual forces all around me. So what did I see.
you know, I can only barely remember. I was sleeping but unlike a dream which you can't remember, these events I can remember, but didn't realize I had the memories until later. It starts and I am sitting on a grassy hillside and cows are milling about. It is like a warm Saturday afternoon and I haven't a care in the world.
The next piece I remember is walking with someone across a dry open space to an old city gate. The pillars are square but scalloped like a corinthian column. Atop the cross beam to the gate is a giant pearl, that is hollowed out and carved with intricate patterns, so that all that was left was the hollow skeleton of a giant pearl. A thin band of silver like the orbit of a planet banded about the middle at a slight tilt.
The next vision is a hall with banquet tables hewn out of massive trees, the cross beams in the hall are exposed and are also massive and roughly hewn. I am with an older man, we go to a corner and get our tray and it is just an ordinary fiberglass cafateria tray, with a kind of weave pattern in it. (Very typical) The bowl I received had a gold liquid in it, and was kinda like tomato soup the way it sat in the bowl, with a rough texture at the surface.
The next vision is in a throne room, I look to my right and there is a mass of angels all around me and facing towards the dias. They all have their wings stretched forward and are bowing in worship, I do like wise. The dias is just 1 step high, yet I have no memory of what is on the dias.
Now I have my own beliefs about this, but what do you think?

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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