On Heinbokles Farm  

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On Heinbokles Farm

Growing up as a boy we owned horses, mom loved horses like all girls love horses. Personally I think of them more as a form of foreplay than anything else. Anyhow horses eat a lot of hay so we had a barn full. There were also a lot of friends who also needed hay and we ran an ad and sold hay as a side business.
Dad had lots of connections out in the central valley and it was always a tradition when we drove his big F700 Ford to the valley that we would stop for ice cream treats at the Foster Freeze. (Dairy Queen) For all the ass busting I did getting that hay onto the truck it really was the least he could do.
One of the farmers old man Heinbokle was on the road out of Tracy to the old Lammersville area and had his Alfalfa farm right along the river. In the middle of this sea of dark green was a massive barn that had the siren call that no 12 year old could resist. (kinda like you my dear) Anyhow old man Heinbokle would lets us load and come back and count up later.
While waiting for him to return there was always a little extra time to explore the rafters of the barn or walk with my cousin JJ across the field to the river to play with our pellet guns or sling shots. Lord those were fun days, and when the hay got back home there was more fun to be had playing in the barn. Why is it that hard work was so much fun back then, am I failing to remember something? No Heinbokles farm really was a slice of heaven on earth. The smell of fresh alfalfa always brings back fond memories.

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