Mustang Kathy  

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Mustang Kathy

Wake up in the morning, wonder why I'm feeling so down. Is it any wonder, when all I get is pushed around. There's talk around town that you've made up your mind. Your really gonna let me go, well if you think its that easy you'd better think twice. Cause I got someting you oughta know. It's gonna be a fight to the finish.

Kathy was my first experience with an older woman, she at 30 and I only at 21. She was a little on the tall side with thin narrow features. When she talked her voice had a purring quality that was quite endearing. The car she drove was a 73 Mach I and looked just like Eleanor. (for those of you who know of Eleanor)
Kathy was in a bit of a tight spot and really needed a solid partner in life, and I would just have to do, or so I thought. We shared an apartment together and all was well for a few months. When you are young you fall totally in love and I was on 21 year old cloud nine.
One day I come home from work early and what do I find? You guessed it her in bed with a pet. Well the shit hit the fan, on its way out the window to the front lawn. When the police arrived I had to explain that she was moving NOW and why. Because no one was hurt, they just shrugged their shoulders and watched. Now at once you would think the cheating little tramp got what she deserved.
The other side of the story. Kathy had just finished a relationship with her biker boyfriend and was the victim of chronic domestic violence. If that wasn't enough she was attacked while working as a convenience store clerk. The barrel of the gun was used as an instrument and the experience was devastating. She would break down and cry for no reason constantly, she was an absolute basket case.
Later she came back to my work and apologized about what she had done, but I was stubborn and dismissive. Now she had the dignity to come and apologize and I should have been gracious. Knowing what I now know about people and life, the whole situation was handled wrong and I should have been more forgiving up front. Different people should be judged by different standards and I was to harsh.
I've always wanted to find her and do something special for her, but I don't think I'll win the lottery any time soon.

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