Misty Mountain Bop  

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Misty Mountain Bop

I wish I was a grain of sand, laying in a babies hand, falling like a diamond chain into the ocean. A grain of sand is all I ever wanted to be, lay me down and let the water wash right over me.

In the late eighties and early ninties I got on a nature kick and spent a lot of time hiking in the mountains. Now when it comes to hiking, nothing tops Yosemite National Park. It is a place of awesome beauty and spectacular vistas. It took a little time to perfect the art of back packing and resist the temptation to over pack. Finally I got it down to a minimal weight, but could stay out in the forest for many days.
My favorite places to hike were at the top of ridges near the tree line. That way I didn't have to beat myself to death gaining altitude, I could just walk along the ridgeline and enjoy brilliant panoramas. Momma didn't raise a dummy!
One day while hiking with my brother we decided to enter Yosemite from the Nevada side of the mountains and found a trail near June lake that allowed for access up to mono pass via a very small hydro electric plant. The first night we climb about 1500 feet and set up next to the dam which had 1 100 watt bulb which faintly illuminated the rocky ravine that the dam sat in. It was an absolutely beatiful place to stay, and forbidden. That was no problem as we were up at the crack of dawn before any hope of having the site crashed by rangers. During the night there was an earth quake. When your laying on the ground and there is an earthquake you know it for a certainty. Well just went on sleeping, but the next morning found that the trail we had ascended was wiped out by a landslide. These boulders were the size of cars and only a third of a mile away yet I never heard a thing.
Knowing we could not return the way we came, we decided to go cross country to Devils Postpile and catch a shuttle out to our vehicle. A minor inconvenience as we came for exercise anyhow.
Along the trail we encounter 2 young girls who were hiking in the same direction. Now we suffered the disadvantage of carrying packs but wanted to keep up. For the view if nothing else. Those little girls beat the crap out of us. It became an obsession, these girls apparently hiked these mountains all the time and had the legs and ass to prove it. Well they lost us and night fall came so we pitched at a place called Thousand Islands Lake, when who appears at the edge of the basin, apparently we had passed them.
It turns out that Lena and I can't remember the other name were German tourist and were lost. Well they spent a very memorable evening with us despite the language barrier. My brother sort of knew German and they sort of knew English, but we soon got down to the universal language. The night was beautiful the stars were beautiful. I don't think we got more than about 4 hours sleep that night.
The next day they hiked with us to the next major fork in the trail and suddenly separated from us. We exchanged no contact info and that was that. It's what you call casual sex, and I hated it, cause I wanted more, but I am glad for what I had that one night above the Devils Post Pile.

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