Johnny and The Wall  

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Johnny and The Wall

Right around 10 years of age through about 17 I went through a motorcycle phase. Now some do it in the street, and some do it in the dirt. Your Johnny was the dirtiest and loudest of them all. I spent about 80 percent of my motorcycle career in the dirt, when it came time to move to the street it was time to move onto cars. Anyhow I had a lot of dirt bikes and terrorized the neighborhood at all hours of the night.
It was like a game, I would be wrenching until 10:00 with my neighbors when its time for a test drive. Those unsilenced 2 cycle motors sure have a distinct sound. This is before the day when they had strict exhaust regulations. I lived at the end of a long dead end street that was just outside city limits. It usually took the county sheriff about 12 minutes to get there so that left us about 10 minutes of free time. When they arrived we would all be sitting around looking innocent.
They weren't gonna be duped, they set up a trap and were waiting right at the corner of the street the next night. Fortunately my good buddy mike lived at the corner and was always good to call me.
And I followed her to the station with a suitcase in my hand. And I followed her to the station with a suitcase in my hand. Well its hard to tell, its hard to tell when all your loves in vain.
When the train it left the station with two lights on behind. When the train left the station with two lights on behind. Well the blue light was my blues and the red light was my mind. All my loves in vain.
Robert Johnson
Well the Cops never ever did catch me but like I said 80 percent of my career was in the dirt. Now there weren't that many places to ride even back in the early 70's. The ultimate was Carnegie cycle park in the hills of Livermore. The park is at the base of a very large and precipitous hill called the Wall. Now the wall had smaller shoulders that weren't as steep but the Wall was not only steep but way up there at the top it got even steeper at the end. My little Irish bike from Ossa just couldn't make that last little bit and I laid the bike down on the edge of the wall. Have you ever tried to pick a bike up on the side on a hill to ride it back down. From then on if I didn't think I could make it I would make a U turn before I ran out of steam. After many tries of racing at full speed (about 80 mph) I just couldn't climb the wall.
All my friends teased me, and I can respect that. Now respect this dirt bags, I went right back to the drawing board got a new rear tire and lower gear ratio sprocket and was ready for next time. well next time came and with only a top speed of 55 I scrambled and slipped and slid my way to the top. Hey I love a good view. Coming down one of my friends Jack whose father actually hand built the house I lived in tripped up and went headfirst over the handlebars going downhill. A very steep downhill. We ended up leaving early and taking him to the hospital. After that I kinda lost interest in the Wall.

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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