I thought I lost it. (fiction)  

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I thought I lost it. (fiction)

Woke up in the morning with an throbing in my head. I looked to see if everything was accounted for. I couldn't find my five hundred dollar bill. Now I've had plenty of hundred dollar bills, but five hundred where could it be.
I could vaguely remember that I was some place where there was a golden toilet and a wild party, but where. I couldn't remember.
I went down to the local pub and had Mac pour me a drink. Now Mac and Harry were owners of the bar and we had been friends a long time, so I didn't mind sharing my problem. I asked if I had come in last night and got wildly drunk buying drinks for the whole bar and blowing five hundred dollars. He said yes that was you. Thank God I thought I had lost it.
Hey Mac do you have a golden toilet in the back room. Mac gave me an astonished look then turned to the back room and said. Hey Harry I think I found the guy that shit in your tuba.

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