I love a good taco.  

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4/25/2006 7:35 pm

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I love a good taco.

There has been a lot of talk lately about illegal immigration. I would like to add a few comments of my own. It is a sad reality that the baby boomers are about to retire and our retirement system will be strained by a ratio of workers to retirees that will be out of balance. We do need an influx of tax payers to drive our economy. There is a lot of jive goin round about jobs. BS there are not enough workers NOW to fill our economy. The need is real.
What we have been doing is making a mockery of the law. The Immigrants don't obey the law because we are quick to help them, either as employers or consumers. Because we need them. The current system has 4 flaws, 1 the immigration quotas are set unrealistically low. 2. Those who choose to immigrate legally suffer from capricious laws that disqualify them for trivial matters. 3. The borders are like a sieve both north and south. 4. Employers need to suffer from appropriate sanctions. (the Devil is in the details here) The reason is private citizens that hire 1 person as day care for example shouldn't have to worry about such matters.
In case you haven't noticed, the Mexican food in the town, pulls six inches of mercury, it sucks! We need some real culture around here. If I had my way, some sexy latina would serve me taco's night and day. (extra sauce please)
I plan to take an introductory Spanish class at the local JC this fall, because like it or not we need them and their coming. Unless they come up with some stupid guest worker program that just turns them into 2nd class slaves. One hundred and forty four years ago we fought a war with ourselves over that very issue. We shouldn't let the right drag it back up now, a guest worker program is indentured servitude pure and simple.

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