I didn't mean it that way!  

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5/6/2006 10:15 am

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I didn't mean it that way!

One of the treasures of the Bay Area is Big Basin Park. In this small watershed area that couldn't measure more than a few miles wide by a few more long stands an ancient grove of redwoods. It is a favorite place of mine to hike and photograph. The zoology of this place could be cause for an entire blog, but for today it was just hiking and partying.
I had talked Edmund and Brian into going but they were more interested in getting drunk that day. So there we are in this pristine park hiking along and stopping periodically for a beer or smoke. Now I don't care much for alcohol so I wasn't drinking that day, but they were. Now Brian and Edmund aren't the most socially responsible individuals and had been stashing their bottles for pickup on the return hike. (theoretically)
We encountered a park ranger walking the other way and it wasn't to long before he encountered my friends handywork. Well the ranger doubles back and tracks us down, and there they are drinking the same brand of beer. Well the ranger lined us up for a stern upbraiding, but I was kinda annoyed because I wasn't drinking and never litter. Well there we are deep in the forest getting yelled at, when under my breath I comment. Hey he doesn't have a gun.
There was deafening silence, right there in mid sentence he just stopped and got this worried look on his face. Now I was quick to jump in and say I didn't mean it that way and was just making a casual observation. What I meant was he probably doesn't have authority to issue a citation, but the mouth got ahead of me. His thunder was all over at that point, so we just went back and collected the bottles, and he collected his dignity. We were ready to call it a day, or so I thought.
Well it's a beautiful drive along top of the coastal range and a great time to test the sound barrier. Thats a popular thing to do when you are 18 years old. Coming around a tight turn there is a tow truck in my lane and various law enforcement on the sides of the road. Without proper safety and at breakneck speed I dart into the oncoming lane passing the whole astonished crowd.
Well enough of testing the sound barrier, it is now time to break it. Now deep down in my heart of hearts I knew they were coming, so I had no intention of slowing down for a while. Well awhile arrived and I slid to a stop and reversed down a driveway. True to form within seconds there is old smokey and his friends out like a pack of hound dogs. This would be a good time to clean the car before we get back on the road.
Afer a long wait we proceed and hope to make a series of cross highways at 92 and 101 to finalize our escape. There coming to the first interchange on the side of the road is a blue mustang pulled over and the officer gun drawn. I think we were doing well over 100 when we passed. I can still see the expression on his face.
I think back on the crazy things I did as a kid and can understand why kids today end up in the newspaper. The only difference is I was one of the ones that got away.

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