Dating in Fairyland  

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Dating in Fairyland

I had asked her out on a date earlier that week and what ever we did would have to be special, because she is special. Now when she later told me that her young 5 year old son would have to come along because it was his birthday, I was already prepared. I kept it a secret even from her, and when we pulled into the parking lot of the park, it was the begining of a perfect first date.
Childrens Fairyland in Oakland California has been a perennial favorite for generations. The featured attractions are various slides, seals, carousels, childrens theatre, puppet theatre, miniature churches, tree houses, and lots of vendors selling sundried goods. A train ride around the park was at once romantic and silly.
I couldn't think of a better thing to do. Well she was many months pregnant with her second and tired easily so we retired after lunch. Now this would seem like a big nothing date, but I'm happy to report she was pleased and it showed on her face. Number One gave it a thumbs up too. When you spend time with someone you really care about, even simple things take on significance. Well it was my perfect date, where was yours, in a hotel by the airport?

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