Darth Johnny and the bloody nurse  

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Darth Johnny and the bloody nurse

After the movie Star Wars came out it attracted no shortage of fans, and my friend Ed was the ultimate fan. Even back in high school Ed knew what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to be a motion picture special effects artist. It starts with simple projects like building movie props. Now a lot of the things Ed built were held together with spit, bailing wire, and a lot of latex foam and would last as long as the photo shoot.
The first major project that he worked on was a complete Darth Vader costume. Now a lot of people would think there is a man in a dark suit and funny helmet, but there was much more to the costume than that. In order to defer the production cost of the costume Ed and I would wear it out to halloween costume contests and rake in the cash every time. The evil Lord of the Sith was quite popular at the time. I would have to wear the costume because at 5'8" Ed didn't make a very convincing Dark Lord.
To put on the custume was quite an ordeal. It starts with the full body suit of synthetic leather. Never realized I looked so handsome in leather. Next came the boots and shin protectors that rose up to just below the knees. Then comes some type of utility belt with flashing lights and buttons, it lays just over a hardened chest protector. Over that comes a sleeve'less robe and then the cloak and a cape. You know I almost forgot the crotch protector, like a good tie a crotch protector completes the outfit and makes the man.
Well last but not least was the helmet which was purchased from the original creators shop, not toys r us.
Around Halloween we would peddle this little dog and pony show from hotel to hotel and party to party every week end. It was $100 here $200 there and $500 at some of the better parties. We even got carte blanche at some of the finer private parties. I was always the winner of the show with one notable exception. This attractive blonde in a skimpy nurses uniform that was spattered with blood and a rubber knife ace'd me out for one of the major prizes once. Probably gave the judges a hummer in the back room. (mood bitter)
Anyhow Ed and I went on to have plenty of adventures that include a "Dead Pit" an "Alien" and a lot of public exhibitionist hanging out in the Black Rock Desert for the Burning Man Festival, and much more movie making fun, but I will save that for another day.

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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