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Butt Bongo Fiesta

Now I'm not much of a Howard Stern fan finding his sophomoric titillation to be rather juvenile. However a friend had a tape entitled "Butt Bongo Fiesta". It was couples who played along to intense high energy drum solos. The boyfrien would be the drummer and her ass, well you can figure it out from there. Now as far as fetishes go this one seems pretty inocuous, and I have to admit I was highly amused.
If I had any chance with any BBW's it's all blown now.
Shirley came over to an apartment I had in Castro Valley with some friends once so that is how I met her. She was a BBW where the word beautiful rather applied, she had long dark brown wavey hair that was thick and Italian features that looked like a movie actress from the fifties. During the entire visit we would look at one another and sent off signals like the Titannic going down.
Well to my surprise she liked my act so well that she called me. Made my friend give her the phone number and was a determined little girl. That is very rare as women usually wait for you to make the first move, but this was a case of if someone doesn't move nothing will happen. Well I made life easy on her and was open and inviting, and we soon dated.
It wasn't to long before sex came up on the agenda and we had ourselves a little party. Now the first thing to pop out were these beautiful tits of hers. I didn't suspect they even existed, she had kept them strapped so tight to her chest. They were the big soft kind that roll all around her chest with no nipple on the areola. Well the next thing you know, I want to go down on her because she has a gorgeous pussy, I mean like perfectly parted in the middle and dripping with honey. No sooner do I have her by the ankles and a mouth full of muff than she gets all excited and doesn't want to play that game. Yawn, ok so it's missionary style for you girl, well she got tired of me pounding on her with mein grosser schwanz struke and decides to take the top so that she can set the pace.
Now Shirley had a very very big ass, which you would think is a bad thing. in Shirleys case it was a good thing as it was so round and perfectly shaped, I would reach around while she was on top of me and give it a good old squeeze and to my surprise I would get sexually excited about it, and I am not an ass man per se. I am now!
We went at it a few more times but I grew tired of the very restricted love making and passed her by for better excitement.
Well almost exactly 9 months later you will never guess what she did. Oh you guessed it, she swears up and down she is not mine and she is her ex husbands, but because of the timing and all I have to make it a point to check up when I go to California in 2007. When she came to show me Katrina what she was really trying to do was rekindle something but I was so dense I let it fly right over my head. I wasn't trying to push her away and probably would have given a relationship a second chance but was so caught up in the roaring California lifestyle that I missed an opportunity. I now realize that had I spent more time working on her I could have sexually liberated that poor repressed girl.
PS a beautiful little girl named Katrina Marie
A girl from Texas wrote me today, looks to be real pretty. But Texas I wonder what she is thinking?

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