Brother where art thou  

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Brother where art thou

In 1992 William Jefferson Clinton won the Presidency on the issue of national health care. Try as they might the powers that be threw up all kinds of objections based upon fanciful political theories. Poor Hillary was the victim of their unbridled fury. The end result is many of us are left to the whims of fate. It is an issue that has faded from public view because of other pressing concerns, like the war or the price of gas. The issue and the need still persist.
Around Christmas of 2001 my brother had the misfortune of falling down some stairs and breaking a leg. I wanted him to move in with me to recuperate and after a few weeks it was time for the cast to come off. Because of liability concerns no doctor was willing to remove the cast for him and refered him to his physician on the other side of the state. Now if he had as HMO they would have just assigned a practicing physician, but he was recently laid off and uncovered.
After being many weeks over due and unable to find a willing doctor he removed the cast himself. The next morning he called a paramedic for a breathing problem, but decided to tough it out. Two days later the breathing problem resumed but worse. You see a thrombotic clot had broken free from his leg and traveled to his pulmonary artery. Before the paramedics arrived my brother died in my arms. He had suffocated and turned blue right before me. Bill was my best friend.
Now either a national health care plan or reasonable tort reform would have prevented this tragedy. On the one hand we have crackpot juries that don't really comprehend what a million dollars really is. On the other hand we have a congress that wants to limit liability so low that there is no incentive for doctors to remain reasonable and prudent.
Bill had just finished 4 years of college and the potential he represented was all just wasted money, and so it is with all of us. To get us to the point where we are today took a substantial investment. To protect that investment that we all have made in one another national health care needs to move back to the front burner of our political agenda. A pox on all those who tell you otherwise. 11/27/55-02/13/02

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