Black and White  

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Black and White

It is amazing how many guys join groups that fantasize about black girls as if Tyra Banks and all her sisters were members here. Well let me tell you a success story, that will show you how much of a blessing the right woman can be.
I was on my way to a family reunion out in Woodland California to see some distant relatives. Well my uncle and I drive into the park and get out and go over to the seat and this black lady comes over to greet us. So my uncle says Johnny say hello to your cousin. She takes me over to the brothers and says Johnny meet your cousins.
Now these guys were fresh outta the hood and their jaws just about dropped. Well things quickly recovered and we all got along just like family, because we are. Everyone in the park was related to one man, my fathers uncle Ernie. I only have the faintest memories of Ernie from my childhood but everyone says he was a man of exceptional kindness. Back in the 1930's he married a black girl from jingle town in Oakland. Now jingle town has its own unique history which I may have time to cover later. His wife Mary Ellen was the mother, grand mother, and great grandmother to just about everyone in the park, amazing. It was during this day of visiting that I came to an astonishing realization about my father. During the 1930's his best friend was Floyd, Mary Ellen's brother. That is actually rather remarkable to have a black man as your best friend in the 1930's. Now it comes as no surprise, dear old dad is the kinda guy that treats a bum little different than a banker. With dad its all about Jesus, and there is a reason for that, but thats another story that takes place in Korea that I am saving. This is before all those life changing events, so dad was pretty open all along.
The lesson to this story is that black and white relationships can work and I have scores of shall we say brothers and sisters to prove its true.
Tomorrow Jingle Town and Zoot Suits

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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