Bathroom Fun  

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Bathroom Fun

Spring's here and its time to start fixing everything I didn't in the winter, at least theoretically. The bathroom tub valve developed a leak and I procrastinated dealing with it for as long as I possibly could. Considering on the one hand to call the plumber, determined to fix it myself on the other. (yeah fixed like my dog) But when the leak got bad enough to soak the bathroom floor, the decision was made. I can do this myself.
First thing I did was to turn the water to the entire house off and then proceeded to take the valve apart. Whamo, The whole mess comes apart in my hand like a Holley carburetor. Now what? I can't put it back together, can't turn the water back on and I can't repair it.
I called the plumber. He comes and taps it three times with his magic wand and replaces some O-rings and guess what? It still leaks. I am vindicated as a male of the species but still waterless!
Looks like you need a new valve'. Well, duh! Only problem: this plumber doesn't carry valves and wants to come back next week to fix it (and charge me again). I see a pattern developing in life. Anyway, once I saw how he removed the old valve, installing the new one was a breeze.
Don't bother calling me for your plumbing problems.

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