A Doctors Groupie  

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A Doctors Groupie

Didn't you chicks just get through saying that you got off on being juked by a baby octopus and spewed upon with creamed corn: and that your hairy lipped dyko bass playing girl friend had to have it in the back seat with a Yoohoo bottle as she went ape shit. Yes Howie all that is true, but we are not groupies. Elton Johnson, Robert Planet all those big guys never layed a hand on us.
Howie Kaylon and the Mothers of Invention 1969

I don't know how it started but I got on the medical science kick. We are living in interesting times. People will make casual comments like someday cancer will be cured. Well I have news for you, todays Medical scientists are rapidly deciphering the human DNA and all the associated proteomics. Many of the genetically based diseases will soon have effective treatments.
While browsing the internet it immediately becomes apparent that medical science has gone through major changes since the human genome was plotted. A more exacting knowledge of not only viral and bacterial disease but of the human bodies reaction to diseased states through genetic expression has increased markedly.
Recent things I have read in the news are effective treatment for some forms of breast cancer via aromatase inhibitors, or the engineering of an artificial bladder. More complicated organs are just around the corner.
If we as a people needed to set a national goal nothing shows more promise that the elimination of sickness and disease for the human existance. The current direction our nation is going in is a tragic waste of human resource and lives. Our goals are better directed inward in compassion not outward in anger.
We have wasted over a trillion dollars. Thats a million, millionaires for those of you who can't count. Imagine what a trillion dollars would have done to alleviate a sick world. Hats off to all the medical workers.

Forgive: I say not seven but seventy times seven. you know who!

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