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There he was trapped in the hall way again, totally disoriented and unable to gather enough mental energy to propel himself. Somehow when I began talking to him he came out of his catatonic state and looked at me and said, I'm lost! I said time to go to bed and took him down the hall way and tucked him in. Oscar had managed to survive Pearl Harbor, Korea, and Vietnam, but the withering effects of Parkinsons disease had left him a virtual zombie. The synthetic dopemine would animate him but those time were short.
He was my girl friends father, but being a military groupie we had lots to talk about. You know dumb stuff like how does a radial engine sump, to the virtues of the P-39 Bell Aero Cobra. After he went to be with Jesus in Sept. 1999 I have always regreted not having interviewed him at more length. But I rejoice at the times we spent talking.

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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