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8/27/2006 7:54 am

well i wake up this morning thinking should i get out of bed today or just stay right where i am............. that been happening a lot here lately but i have been just saying it because i did not have a job but i not sure it is that it could be something that is showing it ugly face again........... the last time it did it put me out of work for about three years....... god i hope not....... but i guess i will find out soon enough if it is or not but as long as i still get out of bed of a morning i guess i will be ok

i sometimes think it is cause because i do not get out much and when i do i do not talk to anyone or ready do anything except set there but at least i am out ..............

i know some ppl have a hard time understanding why ppl would go out and find the darkest corner in the bar ,dance club ,what ever and set there not talking to anyone i know some ppl think the person is a freak or something witch it is kinda true but not really they are different them most and when ppl see them they talk about them and if the no them they sometime make fun of them i know i am one of those ppl that set in the corner it not because i am stalking anyone it because i am what doctor's call a LONER

loner's are ppl the me be very very shy (god i wish that was try for me) or had something happen to them in their younger years to them anywhere form being beaten by their parent's for on apearent reason to being shunned by other kid because of size weight skin color age metal ability beliefs or just plain being mean.

this goes on and on i could Right a book on reasons

but the only reason i am typing this is so ppl will not think the person is a creep that is setting in the corner it just person that if something did not happen to them the could be just like you....

so my advise to you if you happen to see a person in a dark corner setting there watching everyone don't sit there and look at the person and make fun of them walk over and say hi how it going you never know it my just be enough to bring the person out of the shell for at least a little bit of there life.

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