so here it begins  

home2noone 48M
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6/9/2006 7:25 am
so here it begins

It always amazes me how people are to each other. I have view so many profiles, been in countless hours of chat. To realize one thing, most people suck. They have a very high opion of them selves. There are utimately three shifts of people who come through here. 1. being the ever so popular lonely housewife, they get on the system talk all day, send naughty photos to strangers across the globe or just down the road. You know have some respect for your self, to want to have a little extra well thats one think, but to share your life with total strangers to hear...oh if you where my wife stories, or I would never treat you that way...C'mon lets be realistic. Just go get what you need done, then revisit when the urge strikes you.dont waste your life behind a keyboard and a fantasy that someone is going to wisk you away ..aint happening..most times you just change addresses, the same problem exists...Ill be back for the next two group Peace

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