Another kind gesture and day at work ruined.....  

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6/15/2006 3:03 am

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Another kind gesture and day at work ruined.....

Ok....I feel a little bit of a rant coming on....I work with this one do I even begin to let you know how much I truly dislike this person!!??!! I've had to deal with this lady for 3+ years now and when I'm at work, she makes my life hell....I mean it's bad enuff that I work two jobs, I have to deal with her too!! Ugggghhhh!! She is so bad that I don't even want to go into work somedays, cuz I know that she's going to ruin my whole day within the first hour or so of being at work.....
She is the most negative, meanspirited, jealous/envious, say anything bitch I've ever known. I am completely floored at some of the things that come out of her mouth.
For Instance: Today I bought another co-worker some flowers. (I'll call her the nice one) Now there is many reasons I got these flowers for this other lady, mainly because her mom just had quadruple by-pass surgery, but also because she is one of the nicest people I've ever known, she'll do anything for ya, and she is an excellent cook, and always brings food to work to share. She also bought me lunch last week, so as an appreciation and a sympathy gesture, I got her a nice bouquet of flowers.
Now....the bitch....she had the guts to soon as she saw I got the nice lady flowers...."but my cat got stuck in the dryer this come you didn't get me flowers?". I was stunned. She made me feel about 2 inches what would possess me to NOT give HER flowers....I soooooo felt like saying, I didn't get you flowers because your a bitch. Instead, my reply was " well, your mom didn't have a quadruple by-pass this weekend...did she?". It helped a little, but she still grumbled about it a little bit more, going on about her damn cat....My point is, how can someone be so completely rude to someone like that.....and only think of themselves? I'm still appaled!
Not that I don't feel sorry that her cat got stuck in the dryer, but how did the cat get there in the first place?? It takes someone LEAVING the dryer door open, and then closing it on yer own cat, and turning it on...I mean come's her own damn fault for not looking, and leaving the door open for the cat to get in there, right??? But for her to imply that I should feel more sorry for her and her cat, than the nice lady and her mom, was so very out of line in my opinion!!
How can someone be soooo spiteful, and jealous and actually live within their own skin??
Most days I just want to tell her to shut the fuk up and just do your job!!....but instead, I plug in the headphones and try to ignore her! Thank god fer ipod!! LOL
So....thanks fer listening to ME bitch a little....I'm gonna go to bed and try to forget about her .... haha ... until tomorrow! Ugh....
Take care all!!
~ Hockey!!!!

CplnFbks 42M/47F
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6/15/2006 7:43 pm

All I've got to say is keep your head up, your stick down, go hard to the net, and good things will happen!


hockeygirl7 43F

6/22/2006 5:06 am

CIF ~ Thank You!!....and yer right, good things are bound to happen!

Sloe ~ LOL....I do a lot of that....mouth zipped part.....and the sin bin....well thats saved for being naughty!! a good way!! hehehe

Orval ~ lmao!!! you would think one would look in the dryer before turning it on.....but you are absolutely no means is she ordinary!! Take care, and hope yer havin' a great summer!

....and for those who have visited this particular blog, I'm apologizing for being so negative, but also thanking you for 'listening'....better stuff yet to come, I promise!!

Hugzzzzz!! ~ Hockey

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