The beauty of a friendship ...  

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3/25/2005 1:34 am

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The beauty of a friendship ...

Only when there is unconditional, mutual, and complete honesty, respect, trust, friendship, openness, faith, happiness, learning, accepting and loving each other as they are being aware of all the positive and negative points, when they both feel lost and uncompleted without each others, when there is giving but not asking, when there speech is useless as the looks speaks louder, when there is never need to ask question but only to accept, when for both the greatest happiness and wish is to be together ... that's the time ever one can claim is in a relationship. When both feel that's in every and all aspect of life they gained and happier then the time before this relationship....**The real and ideal relationship of infinity values, it never stops growth therefore one never can claim for giving the full description of an ideal relationship in any given time...

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