where does time go?  

hjblknyt 38M
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8/2/2006 2:23 am
where does time go?

Well its August again already... all the families birthdays are done 3 of which are in July (broke now).

Have not had the opportunity to play lately.. been too busy with work and life... but I am a believer in work hard and play harder... I have been working very hard lately so I am looking forward to a good hard play.

Any way my lady has been keeping me entertained in a big way lately with some awesome sessions nearly every night...

some going into to three orgasms(O's) each before we are completely spent. For example about a week and a half ago we woke early to get started on a couple of O's each before the rug rats get up and i had to go to work.... I nearly didn't make it to my first appointment that morning because of losing track of time.

Any way my bette half and I might be getting involved in a little playtime this weekend so I am sure you will hear from me then...


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