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11/28/2005 8:37 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

short update

Well some responses to my letters are finally starting to come in, and I've been weeding through them while still writing more people...For starters, I thought I was good at spotting the fakes, but a good number of them came back with private e-mail solicitations...As for the real women out there, I didn't get back as many as I was hoping (so far), but at least a couple of them seem very promising--quality over quantity, I guess...

And as an aside, WHAT is with the dozens of women that specifically state they don't want black men?? Being where I am, I'd expect a couple here or there, but there have been at least 20 that I have come across...As I read in another post, I'm finding out that it is definitely a women's market on this site...I'm willing to bet that men outnumber the women 2:1, and once you factor in the women that only want other women or couples, the ratio becomes even more extreme...I've tried being more flexible and increasing my range...We'll see what happens.

EDIT: the disparity is worse than I thought...Men seeking women in my area: 49,000....Women seeking men in my area: 4,000...Bloody brilliant.

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