Door maybe opening  

hitchhiker1200 66M
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5/30/2006 3:11 pm
Door maybe opening

We explored the possibility of several sexual scenes and equipment to play them out. There was a suggestion of an outdoor scene with me put in bondage, either with only a thong or nothing at all, to a tree in an a semi seclusive hiding place. The question was asked in alignment with my desire/fantasy, I would be willing to receive 2 cocks or large toy in my pussy hole. The thought of both discussions was a turn on for me. I hope to play them out however I need to know the person to whom I surrender better and to find a safe partner. It is suggested to protect myself from an abusive session and to bring me home safe. This person has not been located yet for me. I have opened the doors of communication the best I can, to find this person or persons. If their are any suggestions or a willing person reading this blog. Please!! respond to me. It has been stated that with my membership that I can not read other profiles unless you open the door from your end only.Does anyone know sw_mn_74. Is there any who have played with him before then Please let me know about him and what I may expect from him. I want to go forward with the plans discussed by us however i need to know more about him.

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