Feeling a little green in Ireland...  

heteromaniac 46M
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3/5/2006 9:16 am

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3/27/2006 3:46 pm

Feeling a little green in Ireland...

...as St. Patrick's Day approaches. For Ireland, it's a wonderful day. The sun is actually shining! It usually is very rainy and overcast, and while it's not usually incredibly cold, the moist air makes it feel that way. I'm in my room in Limerick and the view is phenomenal. Makes me wanna kiss the Blarney stone. There's a beautiful woman in my bed, but she got drunk this morning and asked me if she could come over, so she is no use to me. I don't take advantage of drunk women. I need a conscious "Yes", unless I'm drunk too. Then it's all good! >>!
Well. Here is my question for the day:

Why is it that men never tells a woman that they only want sex, when a woman asks them right before it's about to go down?

They always respond in a fashion that would lead the woman into believing that they are open for a potential relationship. Men think that is what women needs to hear or else they are not going to do it!
My experience is a little different. I would rather get turned down, than to have to deal with finding a way to cut them off later. When you do it that way, women usually end up hating you and will probably never speak to you again. While I hate when women ask me that question, I would rather them ask me before the sex. Usually, if we have sex first, they kind of assume that we're dating now. Once they ask you first, and you answer truthfully they can never say that you led them on or deceived them.
What's your take?

dreamkitty63 48F

3/27/2006 7:31 am

Honesty from a man is truly appreciated. I am in a different situation with someone i met on here. We have a fwb agreement.I know all to expect from him is the sex and nothing more serious. Thats all i want, but everytime i go out or dont jump at the chance to have sex with him he assumes i'm 'doing' someone else and gets all mad and jealous. He doesnt want a girlfriend but he wants me to act like one. The whole sex/relationship boundary can be confusing at times.

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