herotherside, where the fuck have you been?  

herotherside 42F
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5/20/2006 4:37 am
herotherside, where the fuck have you been?

Letter to self

Good to see you again, herotherside. Where have you been hiding? Have you gone soft on me? Hey, I've told you before that it is okay to cross that line. So, go ahead. Hop over it, roll over it, jump right on it before tippy toeing around it. Shit, go right on ahead and paint yourself a new line if that's what pleases you.

If you want to feel, then feel...with or without your hands. Why not try it both ways at the same time? Go on now. Grab him, hero. Take him in your arms. Feel him. Touch him. Don't be afraid to wrap his body up with your soul. Bathe him in your trademarked pleasures. Make sure that after you are long gone, images of you are left imprinted on his mind. Be the one he dreams of at night. Brownie points for you if he wakes up straddling a slobbered on pillow and there's cum on his sheets.

There's no need to wait until you're alone to go back to where you should have been when he was there.

So throw on your fuck-me boots and hike up your skirt. Put on some lipstick and paint your eyelids with that colored stuff. Don't forget to put on the mascara just the way your baby sister taught you to a few years ago. Wink at yourself in the mirror before grabbing your purse and heading out the door. There's a world out there that needs exploring.

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