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5/20/2006 8:33 pm

A collection of letters, unsent

Hey you from last night... Oct 19, 2005

Yes, I have been a bit evasive with you but please don't be angry with me. What you did to me last night was not wrong, just unfamiliar to me. For the last 2 years I have tried to get my b/f to unleash that tigress within me. But her chamber doors never let up. It took you one night.

From the moment our hands touched I knew, I knew you knew, and I knew you knew I knew. How did two people with such intuition come face to face so unceasingly? There we were, hand in hand, each feeling the others aurora, wanting to pull away so the other doesn't learn too much yet holding on to try to take in as much of the other as we could. We both knew a phenomenal encounter was about to take place but I don't think either was prepared for it.

When I got home last night, I stepped out of herotherside and into the shower. I washed your hands off of my body. I scrubbed your lips off of me. I ignored the words you spoke, that were now ringing in my ears. I watched as you slid down my body, into the basin abound my feet, and down into the drain. I thought I was done with you so I toweled myself off and headed to bed.

You were still there.

I layed on my back and gathered the comforter between my legs and felt you beneath my hands. There we were grinding our bodies together still into the wee hours of the night. I rolled over on my stomach and managed to take the comforter with me. Now your body lay upon my hands. I couldn't stop remembering all you did to me. I couldn't stop thinking of it and wanting more. But I was here and you were there. It's a done deal. Playtime was over.

Going about my day this morning, I logged on to find your letter. I read it over and over. I hung on to every word not believing my eyes. Everything I had felt, you painted in letters. Every expression I hid, you analyzed in words. You reaccounted all the passions that flowed through our bodies. You uncaged all that our eyes had spoken. Step by step, word for word, glance for glance all unraveled by your hands. Exactly why intuitive beings usually avoid each other.

If you must hear it, yes, I felt it. From that first kiss in the kitchen I felt it. I felt it up my skirt, down my boots, and in my mouth. I felt you want me. I watched your hands anxiously caress me. Your breath trickled up and down my body awakening each cell inside of me. Your want became a need as you slipped the condom on without interrupting your attention giving. As if the inch between us was too much, you pulled me so close to you, wrapped my legs around you and slid your dick into me. The steady rhythm of your thrusts hypnotized me, left me drooling around your dick. Strong and hard. Soft and gentle. Passion and lust. How did you manage to bring out so much in one night?

I avoided you not because I didn't enjoy it.

It startled me. Where did these feelings come from? This should be just sex, nothing more.

It angered me. Who the hell are you to pull out a side of herotherside that I did not even know existed. Why did you do such a thing when this is only a one night stand. Who is supposed to bring her back out now that we've been introduced?

It intrigued me. She's hot!!! And I'm her!!!! Who knew I could give all this?

Thank you for an experience I'll cum to enjoy night after night.

And by the way...My name is Gina.

See you again tonight? (10/21/05)

Baby, last night, just as every night since we met just over two years ago, was incredible. You knew as soon as you started rubbing in between my legs on our drive it wouldn't be long before I went into "attack mode." Feeling your fingers work their way under my jeans, pushing my panties aside and tickling me in all the right places really got me going. I let you have your fun by getting me off, but, then it was my turn.

Getting on my knees on the passenger side of your truck, I reached up, impatiently but slowly unbuckled your belt, tugged at the button, and attentively listened to the luxuriant sound of your zipper coming down. Then my patience ran out. I shoved all clothing that stood between your dick and my mouth aside, grabbed a firm hold of your shaft and savored every inch of your manstick. My tongue flirted with your head before gradually making its visit up and down the rest of your dick. I know how painstakingly pleasing it is for you when I tease you with a long slow blow job, but do you know gratifying it is for me to receive you? I find no better endowment than your cum whether in my mouth, my pussy, or my ass.

What you did to me later in the night in my bed still lingers on my mind. Your every touch. Your every kiss. The scent of your body. The warmth of your skin. Your hair draped upon my body. Come to me again tonight. Let me feel your relentless thrust all throughout tonight.Come to me Baby.

I will leave my door unlocked at 8:30 tonight. Let yourself in, lock the door behind you. 10/24/2005 7:15 pm

Apparently you think I have no life outside of you. "When are you going to make time for me?" "Can't that wait?" "What about me?" "If you weren't so busy writing about about things you'd have time." I said I'd let you know when I have time. Your response --- "You don't answer your phone, you don't answer my emails. What are you going to do? Write it in your blog?

Since you gave me the suggestion........

and since having time to myself is not a concern to you...


I will leave my door unlocked at 8:30 tonight. Let yourself in, lock the door behind you. Go down the hallway to my bedroom. I'll be there undressed and underneath the blankets. Don't mess with my thermostat, I like my place at 65 degrees at all times. If it's too cold for you then you figure out how to warm yourself up. The balls in YOUR court Honey. Tonight, anything goes.

If by 8:33 you are not in the door, it will be locked and consider it your loss. No, I did not call you to let you know of my night's intentions. No, I don't care what your reason is for being late. I am giving you a three minute stretch and that's because of the nice person I am. And DON'T, DO NOT even think of going into me being late. You had better NOT even think of going there. I warned you from the beginning that Caribbeans have no sense of time. And I don't care what you are, there is NO excuse for making ME wait. After all, I could be an even bigger bitch and just not open the door until 9:00 since yes I am always late but since I did not give you opportunity to bash on my lateness I won't do that. 8:30 on the dot it will be.

I Do Friday January 27, 2006 - 04:06pm

If after all that has been said and done you can still say you love me, then tell me you do.

There were many things you said you can handle because you believe that "in time" my feelings would change. Do you still believe? Are you still willing to wait it out even if I asure you once more that I will never take my love from him? If you can live without ever hearing words of affection, if you can go the rest of your life knowing my love belongs to someone else, if you can bear the sound of my cries when I long for him, if you can stand to hear me call out his name, if you can withstand seeing the disappointment in my eyes every morning I wake up to you, if you can handle never feeling love in my touch, if you can still say you love me, then tell me.

I don't know if I will ever learn to conceal the coldness that fills me when I am with you. I don't know if I ever really will care about how your day was while my heart sits bleeding. Drive carefully, even though I may never tell you to. Kiss me goodbye before you leave each day so I can remember the nights he stayed. I may leave the tomatoes out of your sandwich, he doesn't really care for them. If I laugh at the Milk and Honey bathwash, he'll know why. Don't help me with my crossword puzzles. I will leave the ones I don't know blank, just in case. Don't ever pair a grilled cheese sandwich with chicken noodle soup, I will just tell you I'm not hungry.Get your own blanket. No one does a tuck-n-roll and leaves me out in the cold but him. You can't shower with me because I can't stand water in my face. I especially hate my eyebrows wet. Again, it's push the menu button, hit the right arrow button twice, go down one, left button to your desired time, menu button. This is just a partial list of the basics.Can you still love me and take notes? If you think you can, then tell me you will.

I just need to know that there is someone somewhere that loves me regardless of me being who I am. I need to know that someone still loves me although they may never know who I am. What you see is what you get, nothing more, don't pry. I want you to know that if after all that has taken place, if you can still look in my eyes and tell me that you love me, then I still want to be your wife.

Ik zal nooit vertellen Tuesday February 21, 2006 - 01:33pm

Tsjaad, mijn Liefde, kon ik u nooit verlaten. Weet u hoe vaak ik probeer om dingen te vertellen zou gemakkelijker zijn voor me als ik de romantische behoefte kon nemen die ik voor u vanaf mijn hart heb gehad? Ergens daar is een dwaas die dit zal vertalen om te zien wat het ik is probeer zeggen, maar niet aan u, zodat zal ik het bij dit verlaten: Ik houd van u, of u het of niet kent, ik houd van u.

March 12, 2006 - 6:50pm

I know you're hurting, but I don't know why. You and I have shared that bond from night one. I'm not ready to call out to you just yet but I know I will hear from you within a few days. I know I will be ready for you then because I will be the one calling out to you to send me a text message. I won't be ready to hear your voice yet, won't be ready to face you. I won't send you the first message because my shattered pride doesn't have the courage needed to keep you out, nor to make the first move. I need you to lay down that first brick back in it's rightful spot. I'll pour the cement. You just keep stacking the bricks in place. Let's do this together. And in the words of Dionne Warwick, I'll leave you with:

Deep in the night you know that you'll find the way.
No night so long that you can't find the day;
no day so wrong that you can't find your way;
call on me like you used to do,
I still can show you who you are.

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