Hey you from last night... Oct 19, 2005  

herotherside 42F
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5/8/2006 12:24 am
Hey you from last night... Oct 19, 2005

(H, I reposted this for you, and you know why. The only difference between now and that night is that now, we know each others names. Nothing has changed)

Yes, I have been a bit evasive with you but please don't be angry with me. What you did to me last night was not wrong, just unfamiliar to me. For the last 2 years I have tried to get my b/f to unleash that tigress within me. But her chamber doors never let up. It took you one night.

From the moment our hands touched I knew, I knew you knew, and I knew you knew I knew. How did two people with such intuition come face to face so unceasingly? There we were, hand in hand, each feeling the others aurora, wanting to pull away so the other doesn't learn too much yet holding on to try to take in as much of the other as we could. We both knew a phenomenal encounter was about to take place but I don't think either was prepared for it.

When I got home last night, I stepped out of herotherside and into the shower. I washed your hands off of my body. I scrubbed your lips off of me. I ignored the words you spoke, that were now ringing in my ears. I watched as you slid down my body, into the basin, around my feet, and down into the drain. I thought I was done with you so I toweled myself off and headed to bed.

You were still there.

I laid on my back and gathered the comforter between my legs and felt you beneath my hands. There we were grinding our bodies together still into the wee hours of the night. I rolled over on my stomach and managed to take the comforter with me. Now your body lay upon my hands. I couldn't stop remembering all you did to me. I couldn't stop thinking of it and wanting more. But I was here and you were there. It's a done deal. Playtime was over.

Going about my day this morning, I logged on to find your letter. I read it over and over. I hung on to every word not believing my eyes. Everything I had felt, you painted in letters. Every expression I hid, you analyzed in words. You re-accounted all the passions that flowed through our bodies. You uncaged all that our eyes had spoken. Step by step, word for word, glance for glance all unraveled by your hands. Exactly why intuitive beings usually avoid each other.

If you must hear it, yes, I felt it. From that first kiss in the kitchen I felt it. I felt it up my skirt, down my boots, and in my mouth. I felt you want me. I watched your hands anxiously caress me. Your breath trickled up and down my body awakening each cell inside of me. Your want became a need as you slipped the condom on without interrupting your attention giving. As if the inch between us was too much, you pulled me so close to you, wrapped my legs around you and slid your dick into me. The steady rhythm of your thrusts hypnotized me, left me drooling around your dick. Strong and hard. Soft and gentle. Passion and lust. How did you manage to bring out so much in one night?

I avoided you not because I didn't enjoy it.

It startled me. Where did these feelings come from? This should be just sex, nothing more.

It angered me. Who the hell are you to pull out a side of herotherside that I did not even know existed. Why did you do such a thing when this is only a one night stand. Who is supposed to bring her back out now that we've been introduced?

It intrigued me. She's hot!!! And I'm her!!!! Who knew I could give all this?

Thank you for an experience I'll cum to enjoy night after night.

And by the way...My name is Gina.

pglooking 107M

2/6/2007 3:16 am

Thank you for sharing this. What a beautiful and intimate message. Life is what happens while we're making other plans, right?

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