Cliche Disillusionment Vent  

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11/21/2005 10:31 pm

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Cliche Disillusionment Vent

It was the 5th of January of the Year 2000

I was alone, and troubled yet again

Cliche Disillusionment Struck and fell onto the page.


OHH AND : The Mood Indicator is set to CURRENT


No mans un iland , ses tha kwoat
Oo roat thoaz sillee werds?
I no et wer sum faymis bloak
Oos pen rit so obserd
Ee carnta been orl thet bryt
Ta ryt a fing lyk that
Musta been owtsyd orl day
Wivowt is blimmen at
Evin Ol Blind Freddy noaz
An ees got lotsa mayts
Thet wenyer reely intha shit
Thayll leevyer et tha gayt

Yair ... leevyer et tha gayt thay will
An bugger bluddy orf
Like rats leevna sinkin ship
Down et tha bluddy worf
Evin iff thay do ang rownd
Ta giv a bloke un and
Odds ar thet wentha chips ar down
Thay carnt unda stand
Thet no amownt ov sayin Yair
I no jist ow yer feel
Will evva getyer owta stryf
Wen ets bluddy reel

No mans un iland , blinken fool
Doant no wich ways up
No mansa blinkin iland
Rekkin ee wos in is cups
Yair in is bleedin cups ee wos
Waxin long n lowd
Fil os ee fyin up n down
Ter enta tain tha crowd
Yair in is bleedin cups ee wos
Evin Ol Blind Fred ken see
Thet weer eech wun bobbin up n down
In thee oshin ov Umanity

Yair evin Fred wiv orl them frenns
An sum ov m quyt grand
Noas thet awl fru life to judgmint day
Evry mans un iland

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