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1st Post 9/14/05

Well, let's give this a try.

Been almost a week online. And so far we have had one dinner with a fellow member, and soon to come we will have a second with another couple we met online. We have had some emails and some chats, and all that has been interesting.

We have sent some emails that have no repsonse. I guess those people are too hot and to busy to deal with new coming slow movers such as ourselves. Even a no thanks would be appriciated. But screw them, those that have replied or emailed have been great! Good chats and great pics.

My wife recently told me that she was thinking about other woman. So I, the way I do, set out to find her one. The only thing harder than setting up your wife with a prospect is setting up a computer programer with a prospect. I have friends who are programers and I was one, so I know what I am talking about. One thing about programers though, they plan it out and are thankful ! So if you get a chance, you should really try one out. Not only that it is easy to find virgin programers, but you can get em naive and train them like a good coon dog. But I digress, the thing I forgot about meeting new women is that if you have 2 choices fast and slow. There is no middle of the road. But hey if they want to meet and be friends for a while, I have no problem with that. As long as when it happens they let me in on it. I can watch or help out with the situation. I am not greedy. As far as I am concerned, they can use me like furniture.Put me where they want me and use me as needed

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