Well, heres the first post.  

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11/5/2005 10:09 am

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Well, heres the first post.

So, I'm going to ask that question to myself that I think many individuals ask themselves when signing up here: Why am I here?

Well, we know why most men are here. LOL But why is that?

It's hard for me to answer that. At first I was a little uncomfortable. I love my wife dearly, but I am interested in more. . . and she isn't. We have talked about this and that is all we do. We have made no progress there.

If any of you watch desparate housewives (I know many do) I feel sort of like Brie's husband. I've joked with my wife that she resembled Brie too given some of her OCD tendancies. (She knows I'm joking and I will say she's not as bad as Brie.)

Sometimes I just want to be "wild" and do something off the wall, spontaneous, crazy, etc. We used to be that was but time has changed us.

hmmmmm . . . I hope things don't end up like Rex and Brie.

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