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2/20/2005 8:25 am

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the M&G

The meet and greet was lovely (June). We saw some new friends and made acquaintances with others. I know that these kinds of meeting are based on people getting to know each other but the subtext, of course, seems to be “If you want to really get together”. Which kinda turned me off… we as a couple like to play as a couple w/other couples and in all honesty, not that often. I am very picky and love my husband and find that I am very satisfied w/our love life. I do enjoy romantic interludes w/other couples - don’t get me wrong… but I really like the M&G because it is an open forum to talk about sex and the lifestyle. PUSHINESS is a TURNOFF. Attractive people (physically & mentally) go by the wayside b/c of it.

The M&G this Friday was a forum for questions like “do your friends and family know about your lifestyle” etc… We talked about a variety of things and left the Fox & the Hound at around 1am. By the time we went to bed after a bout of playtime, it was 3am…

WE HAD A GREAT NIGHT! Yes, I am speaking for myself, but I believe that Henry had a great time too… xoxo, June

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