Well here we go again  

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7/24/2005 10:18 pm

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Well here we go again

Well the last post was more tame in nature, and it got a pretty pitiful response, but this one I am anticipating will get a little better response becuase the situation I am about to describe is what drove me to this site to begin with. I do have a girlfriend of close to 4 years. We are both in grad school and she is a 3 hour plane ride away. We decided to do our internships together (same city) and it was supposed to be great. It's funny... before grad school, we would have sex all the time. When she was heavier, we would fuck, when she lost a bunch of weight, we would fuck. Given all the rest of our problems, we always had an extremely healthy sex life. Since we've been together this summer (coming on 10 weeks now), her sex drive has been nil. No kidding, we have had a total of 3 sexual encounters this summer (including tonight). I use the term "sexual encounter" strictly because tonight there was no intercourse involved, she only gave me a blowjob. It seems more and more, it is becoming more clinical and mechanical in nature. It seems she is just going through the motions of a dutiful girlfriend. At the same time (probably as a result of this), my sex drive has gone into overdrive. Given the lack of sexual support from my girlfriend, I have turned to take the matter into my own hands and I do it profusely. My fantasies have become more involved and more intense and rich. I crave for a release and a fulfillment of these fantasies and all I can see around me (from the gf) is a retreat and all she can offer me is sexual mechanical sterility.

So that's it... I guess tonight it just got to be too much and I needed an outlet. I welcome any comments and discussions. If nothing else, all you girls out there can understand why a fairly level-headed, successful guy like myself is here in the first place.



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5/24/2006 9:27 am


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