Snow In September??  

helga_hansen 50F
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9/9/2006 10:11 am

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10/2/2006 2:18 pm

Snow In September??

It was snowing where I was working, yesterday.

Okay, so perhaps I exaggerate a little... perhaps I wasn't working!

Actually, I was. I've been working too damn hard since I took my little break two weeks before, and racked up 44hrs this past week (and I can't remember if I've signed the obligatory EU Working Time directive either!!

Anyway, back to the snow...

It was snowing where I worked yesterday, but it wasn't real snow. The cast and crew of the BBC drama
Casualty were filming on campus yesterday, apparently for the Christmas special to be screened this year.

For the benefit of non-British readers, "Casualty" is one of the BBC's longest running hospital dramas, that was first shown on the BBC in 1986 and it follows the lives of the doctors, nurses and patients of the A&E department of the busy and frantic Holby City hospital, which is supposedly in Bristol, close to where I live. The name "Casualty" referred to what is known today as Accident & Emergency (A&E) or "ER" to some of you.

No doubt I shall find myself sitting in front of the telly come Christmas, and I shall try my best to see whether I recognise any bits of the campus while I am watching!!

Sadly I was too busy to hunt down that sexy male nurse Abs... *sigh*

Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

cassandrabear 50M/36F

9/9/2006 1:28 pm

Hope you sold a few scarves? Don't want the luvvies to get cold LOL.


P.S And if not why? It would have been a good sales pitch (As worn on casualty)not that you need a pitch having seen the goods involved I know cass wants a couple or three.

Bear xx

Breathelessbimbo 50F

9/9/2006 11:55 pm

My mum loves casualty...i dont watch any of those things though. Isnt there a spin off drama from casualty too?

Ten theres going to be a spin off from the spin off...all too complicated for a simple woman like me.

TabithaElectra 39F

9/10/2006 12:31 am

Sounds like fun!

I started watching Casualty when my Gran introduced it to me, although she always pronounced it ' casuality '

TheQuietGuy2005 55M
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9/10/2006 2:59 am

You didn't go down to watch??

I am disappointed in you - where's the fun of watching it if you couldn't say "this is where I tried to crash the set and got forcibly evicted"?

rm_Morrisonii 32M
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9/10/2006 7:09 pm

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rm_LilBlondeNZ 41F
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9/14/2006 3:33 pm

A) Morrisonii- there's a thing called email. It's not that same thing as a blog comment, dumbass.

Casualty is rubbish.

C) Most male nurses are gay.

D) It doesn't matter bc they are still hot.

E) Hi Helga- xoxoxoxoxo


economickrisis 56M

9/16/2006 1:01 am

Ive never been a casualty of Casualty, though I was addicted to The Bill for several years until they changed the format and it became a soap.

rm_Morrisonii 32M
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10/1/2006 1:29 pm

Hmm, first of all you have to be a member to e-mail on this Adult sex thing. Second, I enjoy blogging and only feel that its polite to read other people's work and post a bit of praise. And thirdly, I'm certainly not dumb but I've got a nice ass!

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