Helga goes... In Deep!  

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4/23/2006 12:51 pm

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Helga goes... In Deep!

Just before the Easter weekend, the postman delivered the first of my expected packages. Yes! My much-talked about B-Doyng was finally in my grubby mitts!

With trepidation, I slowly opened the package, not entirely sure what to expect. To my surprise, a vibrator didn't fall out, in all its glory. Instead, it was a smart cover with the wording
B-Doyng! Made by hand specially and exclusively for Helga. So no embarrassment there!

Sliding the vibrator out of the cover, I discovered it was wrapped in clingfilm. I unwrapped the clingfilm and was delighted to read the following on the B-Doyng... Horny Helga's Helper!. I couldn't help but smile as I read the winning caption by TheQuietGuy2005 (see Slogan Competition for all the other suggestions which were received). The lettering was even in my favourite shade of lilac!!!

The B-Doyng is a vibrator that you can't help wanting to handle. The silicone from which it is made has given it a very "fleshy" feeling, and its smooth texture feels just like an erect penis, all soft and hard at the same time. From end to end the B-Doyng measures over 10½ inches, and the girth is enjoyable at over 1½ inches in diameter. One of the interesting things about this vibrator is its ability to almost bend over backwards. Most, if not all, vibrators are rigid, and straight, not really representing men's equipment (yes, guys, I've seen and experienced enough equipment to know the difference between erect and rigid!!) and this flexibility was certainly going to prove to be an interesting feature of my new toy.

The B-Doyng comes with its own charger (no more hunting about for batteries at crucial moments of play), and thanks to its unseamed silicone cover, the B-Doyng can be enjoyed while in the bath or shower. Please make sure you're standing on a non-slip surface while you play in the bathroom... I would hate to hear that you'd fallen over and bashed your head while enjoying the vibrator! The on/off switches are situated in the end of the B-Doyng, and my only two complaints about the vibrator are that it is very easy to bump the "off" switch on the vibrator while you're playing with it, and that there is only one setting for the vibrations... it's either on, or off, and when on, the vibrations are rather strong (and it would seem, rather loud).

Over the next few days I had a chance to have a thorough little play with my new "helper", and I was soon getting to grips with my new toy *WEG* It kept me busy on my mornings off, and I discovered some interesting new ways of pleasuring oneself with a very flexible vibrator! (A note to those wondering whether to have a clit piercing... let a vibrator rest on your jewellery, and the pleasure you'll experience is unbelievable!!!)

The climax (lol, such a naughty pun ) of my play was this weekend, when I introduced my Bit On The Side to the delights of the B-Doyng, with Mr Hansen having given it a once over during the week. My BOTS was extremely taken by my new helper, and together, we discovered some rather new and interesting ways of getting the most out of my very flexible vibrator. My preconceived notions that vibrators were toys that women played with, when they were alone, went totally out of the window, and it was a delight to watch my BOTS get enjoyment out of my "horny helper".

My rating of the B-Doyng overall? A very enjoyable and welcome addition to my toy collection!! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this vibrator to my friends, and if you're a man, looking for a naughty, and personalised gift for the woman in your life, I can thoroughly recommend the B-Doyng... just make sure she shares it with you!!

Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

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