Helga Goes In Search Of Mr Darcy...  

helga_hansen 50F
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8/29/2006 1:34 am

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8/31/2006 2:32 pm

Helga Goes In Search Of Mr Darcy...

I'm off for a few days, to visit my mother (and put in some hours behind the bar), and see if I can find Jane Austen's Mr Darcy. He's from Derbyshire, you know...

I had the opportunity of watching the film version of Pride & Prejudice over the bank holiday weekend, and I have to admit that it just didn't do it for me.

Keira Knightley is a beautiful young woman, there is no doubt about that, and perhaps she did make a good impression as Elizabeth Bennet, but it was Matthew Macfadyen's Mr Darcy that just didn't work for me. Don't get me wrong - he was great in Spooks, he's been great in other made-for-TV movies, but there is just no beating Colin Firth when it comes down to it.

*Helga goes into a trance and drools a little, for a moment*

And then there was Brenda Blethyn playing the sometimes hysterical Mrs Bennet - again, it just didn't do it for me, as I felt she was no patch on Alison Steadman, who played the part in the BBC adaption. Tom Hollander made a sterling effort as Mr Collins in the movie version, but let's face it, he just couldn't top David Bamber when it came to smarminess!!!

And can somebody please tell me why it was necessary for American audiences to have an alternate ending to the movie??? One of the joys of having the DVD is that you get to see a little bit more than just the movie, and it would appear that American viewers were shown a different ending to the story, which involved Mr Darcy kissing his new bride not once, not twice but at least four times, all the while saying "Mrs Darcy, Mrs Darcy, Mrs Darcy..."!!! Since when did physical contact, such as kissing, feature in Ms Austen's books???

I shall just have to take the book up with me, when I go off in search of Mr Darcy...

PS. See you when I get back!!!

Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

CelticFlower 51F

8/29/2006 3:02 am

Have a wonderful time and have fun serving behind the bar. I hope your luck holds on the Mr Darcy hunting....lol

TheQuietGuy2005 55M
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8/29/2006 3:28 pm

Have a wonderful time up there ... however, I wouldn't recommend hunting too hard for Mr Darcy as I suspect he'd only be a disappointment for you.

After all, just how old would he be now?

economickrisis 56M

8/30/2006 11:38 pm

Gee luv, putting an alternative ending on an Austen novel is like putting Coke in a 50 yr old single malt. But they do that too

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