Happy Birthday Blondie!!!  

helga_hansen 50F  
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12/8/2005 11:29 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Happy Birthday Blondie!!!

Okay... so in Southern California it's not quite Friday, 9th December, but here in Bristol, UK, it is!! My birthday wishes go to my friend brightblonde3brightblonde3


I've got your pressie here, all wrapped and ready!

Big hugs and birthday kisses


Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

Efilnikufecin69 48M

12/9/2005 12:36 am

Happy B-Day bb3!

Helga, you are the best! {=}

GB_Cple 67M/56F  
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12/9/2005 3:12 am

Happy Birthday BB3

love + kisses ,

freetime648 53F

12/9/2005 4:08 am

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you.....Happy Birthday BB3............Happy Birthday to you!!!! (gets down on one knee and does the vaudville hand waving) AND MANY MOOOOORRRRRREEEEEE!!!!

xx FREETIME648 xx

brightblonde3 59F

12/9/2005 9:38 am

Oh, thank you all for your greetings...Helga, the cake looks just delicious...and free, the song was touching *sniffle*

Smooches from the older and no wiser (hehehehehehee)


TheQuietGuy2005 56M
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12/9/2005 12:15 pm

I can't say it often enough: happy birthday youngster! x

brightblonde3 59F

12/9/2005 12:27 pm

Q, what time again do you plan to jump out of the cake?

*dreaming of frosting....hehehehehehe*



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