Good Vibrations...  

helga_hansen 50F  
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9/22/2005 12:00 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Good Vibrations...

Today our vibrating friends are advertised everywhere, from the sides of buses in Dublin, to the shop window displays of London's Oxford Street.

Clearly society's love affair with vibrators is blooming, and a recent survey suggests our passion could be bordering on obsession!!

Over 40 percent of women in the UK now own between three and five sex toys, and a third of us think about sex an estimated 20 times a day!

Is this sex's finest hour, or have we all just gone a bit buzzing crazy??? Or do you think men are on this planet because vibrators can't buy drinks?

***Helga adores her Friendly Green Giant, but would rather play with the real thing!! ***

Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

KMA5 42M
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9/22/2005 12:56 pm

I've seen a vibrator tryin to buy drinks; it wasn't pretty.
I think there is nothing wrong with a healthy sexual appetite in women, I just think there is somethng wrong with the justification for the toy. Don't get me wrong, the toys are HOT. Just don't say you're buying them because they last longer or some other lame excuse. Guys are just like the toys: we come to play when yo feel in the mood, we can do whatever needs being done at your level of sexual excitement, we can be packed away just as quickly when ur finished (that part sucks) and we're not covered by warantee either. On the plus side: we taste better, can bathe the latex stink off by ourselves and you don't have to hunt around on the floor for the favorite one that dropped.
Keep the toys but don't rule us out all together; you still need the spiders swatted

expatbrit49 64M

9/22/2005 12:57 pm

left the darn country too soon

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

AlbertPrince 59M

9/23/2005 12:52 am

I often see vibrators mowing the lawn. Let them do all the jobs around the house I say. Just keep us men in a drawer for sex.

brightblonde3 59F

9/23/2005 6:48 am

Hmmmm....a vibrator that can be programmed to swat spiders?

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