Do you remember why YOU are here?  

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3/29/2006 9:46 am

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Do you remember why YOU are here?

Last night I had the chance to catch up with an old girlfriend. We met several years ago, doing the same degree course and within a few weeks of meeting, we became firm friends. There are so many similarities between "M" and I, that we were destined to become pals. We both married young, and our husbands are both 15 yrs older than us. We both had the same thoughts about things, we both said the same things as they entered our heads... truly, it was freaky. We called ourselves "twins", even though I'm two years older than "M", because it sometimes did feel like we'd been separated at birth!!

Time moved on, the course ended, and we each got on with our own lives again. "M"'s marriage had been struggling for some time, and she finally found the courage to leave her husband and venture out into the big, bad world. We drifted apart and every once in a while we'd touch base.

One of those times was early this year, and again we discovered that we were keeping that "twin" thing going... we'd both had a nipple piercing... we were both thinking about getting another... we'd both met a wonderful man... we were both entertaining more delicious thoughts... lol, it was crazy! We laughed when we said that if someone had told us, three years ago, when we first met, that this is where we'd be now, we'd have said they were crazy!!

Last night's chat got me thinking too...

When I first joined A F F, I had been rather unsure of it all. Was it what I wanted? Did I really want to step off the edge into the wide unknown, or was I quite happy simply peering over that edge? At the time of joining, I was fat and happy Helga. Or was I? I rather think I was a fat caterpillar, because since joining I have changed.

There are those critics, with their feet stuck firmly in the mud, who have said they don't like what I have become. And then there are others, who have joined me on my journey, and watched me blossom. They've encouraged me to think about things, experiment with things, cheered me on as I lost weight. Before last year, I'd never considered getting a nipple piercing, let alone a clit piercing, and at the end of the day, does it really matter that I've done these things? I am still the same person inside, it's merely the outer part which is changing and growing (or in my case, shrinking), and having a piercing or two isn't going to make me a slut.

I'm still that same woman who ventured into the chat rooms all those months ago. I'm still the same woman who nervously went to her first meet, and drank coffee and fiddled with her scarf, shaking inside. The only difference now is, I've become confident, I feel sexy and attractive, and I'm really happy now!!

I've been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people (it's not all about sex and yes, it is possible to make female friends in this place too!!), and the two men who have shared (and are still sharing) their lives with me are truly special men. Without their friendship and encouragement, I think I'd still be hovering near that edge, wondering what to do next.

As for those stick-in-the-muds... maybe you need to ask yourselves do you remember why YOU are here?

Some bloggers have been sharing photos of themselves when they were 18. I don't have any photos of me at that age, so I thought I'd share one of me when I was 21

Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

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