12 Husbands - Still A Virgin...  

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7/19/2006 12:20 pm

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12 Husbands - Still A Virgin...

A lawyer married a woman who had previously divorced twelve husbands.

On their wedding night, she told her new husband, "Please be gentle, I'm still a virgin."

"What?" said the puzzled groom.

"How can that be if you've been married twelve times?"

"Well, Husband #1 was a sales representative: he kept telling me how great it was going to be.

Husband #2 was in software services: he was never really sure how it was supposed to function, but he said he'd look into it and get back to me.

Husband #3 was from field services: he said everything checked out diagnostically but he just couldn't get the system up.

Husband #4 was in telemarketing: even though he knew he had the order, he didn't know when he would be able to deliver.

Husband #5 was an engineer: he understood the basic process but wanted three years to research, implement, and design a new state-of-the-art method.

Husband #6 was from finance and administration: he thought he knew how, but he wasn't sure whether it was his job or not.

Husband #7 was in marketing: although he had a nice product, he was never sure how to position it.

Husband #8 was a psychologist: all he ever did was talk about it.

Husband #9 was a gynaecologist: all he did was look at it.

Husband #10 was a musician: he never had an upright organ.

Husband #11 was a bank teller: he only ever knew how to make withdrawals.

Husband #12 was a stamp collector: all he ever did was... God! I miss him! But now that I've married you, I'm really excited!"

"Good," said the new husband, "but, why?"

"You're a lawyer. This time I know I'm gonna get screwed!"

Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

cassandrabear 50M/36F

7/19/2006 12:44 pm

Perhaps should be added to job descriptions.

Cassie xx

SweetDarlinAngel 41F
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7/19/2006 1:03 pm

Oh sweetie ... send that stamp collector my way! LOL


racingcrazy67 51M

7/20/2006 8:31 am


Nice one Helga!

raptor880 40M

7/22/2006 4:14 pm

are you sure Husband 10 doesnt explain your present predicament.
only kidding.Heres hoping all is becoming clearer and the futures bright in a not a mobile commercial type of way.

If not try training pink elephants to keep your mind occupied.

TabithaElectra 39F

7/23/2006 6:53 am

Gave me a giggle while I was eating lunch, thank you!

rm_EE407 42F
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7/24/2006 1:33 pm


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