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7/30/2006 12:01 pm

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cinderella on the couch

Thank you for seeing me, Dr. h.

That's okay, Cindy. I always keep a few open appointments for emergencies. On the phone, you said you needed to process something - how are you feeling right now?


Cindy, I can't help you if you are blocking.

I'm really not a bad girl.

Why do you feel you need to say that?

My family. They don't seem to understand the gap between the need I have to be dominated and their collective desire to degrade me.

So your need is more in the realm of finding yourself through mental submission...

...and they are just sadistic. Sorry for interrupting, doc.

I've said before, Cindy, you need never apologize for asserting yourself. I seem to
have missed something - what happened to that man you met at the party?

Oh, Mr. Foot Fetish? He's history.

Oh? I thought that relationship sounded promising.

It all sounded good, but I found his closet. This psycho had a right shoe in almost every style and size in a hidden area beneath his stairs.

Cindy, you know we don't use the word psycho here - in his case, "foot focused" would be more appropriate.

Ten pairs of Prada boots? "Focused" is not the word.

Okay, so let's get back to you and your family. Have you considered having a discussion to define some boundaries in your relationship?

Not likely. As soon as I walk through the front door, I'm in a French maid outfit with a ball gag. It's pretty hard to discuss boundaries when all they can hear are primal screams.

And your father - he won't step in?

Hardly. He is too busy finding studs for Doris, my step-mother. She likes to take on three or four guys with him watching.

How does that make you feel?

At first I was just disgusted. But now I'm feeling a little turned-on by the whole thing. I'm actually a little excited now.

I see that.

Doctor, should you really be doing that?

Wait, I think I'm about ...

to have...

a breakthrough...

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