The Strong yet Sweetly Submissive Woman  

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6/25/2006 6:28 pm
The Strong yet Sweetly Submissive Woman

I adore men and their minds and bodies. Most are so transparent to me. I find pleasure in bringing pleasure to large and small ways...

I went to a fundraiser as a single woman last night. I rode my scooter, so wore black leather pants, my motorcycle boots, and a sheer black camisole. I had one individual paint/tattoo with markers a phoenix rising on my back. It was/is gorgeous.

My ex b/f should have been there and I called to let him know...he joined me an hour or so later. We are working on becoming friends but it has been difficult. We talked awhile as he watched some semi-naked women moving around the party.

I offered a hot tub;he declined. I then offered a massage which he accepted. I took off my shirt, as did he, and I climbed aboard to straddle him on the massage table, to rub his back with hot oil. He prefers soft, gentle massages with a lot of deliberate patterns. At times i leaned my naked breasts on his back as in the old days when I would sometimes fall asleep this way.

I realized as I massaged him that it was, once again, about me serving him. I kept my boundaries distinct and got up to go home, alone, on my scooter. I held his coat to help him into it. I love/adore this man but he will never change and I am keeping my eyes wide open...

"you gotta be real wif yo self" in the context of this means that i truly need to be careful about how i spend my time. He is a formidible foe in terms of negotiating what I need from his friendship and perhaps knowing it is there and available will make it easier to decline.

If I wish to be in a love relationship I need to clear the seductive cobwebs in my brain so that i truly will jump on a yummy available opportunity. There were at least two eligible handsome men who were making their interest be known last night, and as long as my face looks sad, and as long as he is there, I will not be able to make the time to know them.

I am so sleepy today!mmmm Naptime!

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