My Sensuous BJ  

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9/18/2005 10:06 am

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My Sensuous BJ

We were naked in a public hottub at a swing club. Feelings between us were a bit frayed as we had just had an emotionally-charged discussion on the drive there. We had not yet re-established our amazing physical/mental connection.

While in the tub, we were joined by another couple. She had short, pixie-like hair, pleasant smile, nice body. His body was trim, lean, muscular.

We chatted superficially, only briefly. My guy got up out of the tub to sit on the edge facing the couple across the tub from us. I sat in the tub, my arm and face resting on his left knee. His soft cock looked sweet and warm and lovely. I began to get ideas... the same time he did. "Should I?" I asked him . "It's up to you," he answered. I thought to myself...why not? and began teasing him visually by slowly opening my mouth and holding out my tongue as I crouched at his knee. We all watched his cock grow hard at the sight of my willing mouth. His lovely, lovely cock began to dance with my outstretched tongue.

I then began tenderly, lovingly sucking and tonguing his cock, pulling him into my mouth as deeply as I could and alternating this by cupping and flicking his balls with my tongue. I gently sucked each ball into my mouth, and with light suction pulled back until it popped out from between my moist lips.

My movements were slow and languid, but enthusiastic and wet. I adored his cock with my tongue, deeply sucking and purring, looking up to watch him watch me. I varied my movements, aware of the throbbing pulse of his very hard cock in my mouth. I went as deeply as I could, shaking my head to take him in deeper, my hands on his knees.I love to hear his breathing catch, then quicken. I could hear the couple begin to react, moving to position themselves better and remarking how erotic it was to watch.

The female half of the couple finally slid over and asked if I would like some help. I looked up at my guy to request the permission I knew I would get. She then very gracefully joined me side by side at his knees as we seamlessly took turns sucking, tonguing, licking his balls, taking him in deeply, hungrily, wetly. The male half, watching avidly, remarked that my guy seemed to have won the lottery that day, to which he agreed.

But because there was another male to attend to, we slowed our actions. I turned around in the hottub to playfully call out 'next'! intending to move to the other male with his partner. To my surprise, I discovered three additional men who had somehow joined the tub while I had been occupied. They all leapt up hopefully as the rest of us laughed in amusement at my complete focus.

I adore cock but am hopelessly addicted to his.

rm_4nik8_4u 62M
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9/19/2005 7:19 am

Fortunate man! Do you have a sister? lol

heavenly_body39 61F
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9/19/2005 7:40 am

LOL...i do but i doubt she would give head in a swing club!!

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