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heavenly_body39 62F
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9/28/2005 10:38 am

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4/6/2006 5:25 pm

My Body

has an incredibly strong spirit but some days it just feels as though it hasn't enough energy to get up, out, and into the world.

This morning is one of those times. I know I must get to work; people are waiting and yet I feel so nauseated and fatigued that when I try to stand up another wave of wooziness hits me and I head to the toilet. It is caused by the many medications I am required to take to deal with a chronic condition.

It pervades some days; I fight it tooth and nail, every day of my life. Most days I win through sheer strength of mind over body; other days I have no choice but surrender to its hateful, suffocating grip. I hate this disease; I hate it with all my heart and mind and soul; and I pray, someday, that there be a cure.

rm_anacortes 76M
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9/28/2005 3:11 pm

I had that feeling for years.. and finally I found out that I had depression... the kind from imbalance in the brain..

Now I know that one need not suffer unnecessarily..depression is a killer.. loosing energy leads to a downward spiral sometimes..then having less and less energy when one needs it the most..

Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and good luck


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