Erotica, II  

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2/20/2006 11:01 pm

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Erotica, II

He stood, watching her suck his swelling cock. Hard now, throbbing, his salty precum making a long strand of silky cord between his swollen cockhead and her wet rough soft tongue His breath caught in his throat. His fingers tangled in her soft hair, pulled her face close as she took in as much of his thick cock as she could manage.

She sucked greedily, noisily, looking up at him, her eyes glazed in lust. God, he loved this girl's mouth, her easily submissive ways, her sluttiness for his cock. In the flickering light of her bedside candle he saw the crop at her knees, next to her on the floor. Her wet mouth moved on him faster now as he held himself back from exploding down her throat.

"Get down and turn around", he said gruffly. He knew she would be wet for him, she always was when they played this game. She quickly complied, arching back into her curving ass. He could see the dew on her swollen lips. As he held one hand palm down onto her upturned hips, he entered her with one deep thrust. She began to cry in pleasure, asking for more...

Their combined lust, their greediness for each other, their mingled moans bounced off her bedroom walls. She finally surrendered to him as she began to cry in her orgasm.

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2/20/2006 11:29 pm

Trying to read this post with that great ASS shot was really Hard,BUTT really tastyA+

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2/21/2006 3:08 pm

hmmmmmmmmmm, interesting

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