My fantasy night  

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7/19/2006 12:08 pm

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2/26/2007 10:34 am

My fantasy night

We met online and talked on the phone several times, we just need to meet in person now. I'm so nervous we've never done something like this before. Was that really her picture or was it fake? I hope she's not too skiny. I hope he doesn't like her more than of corse not. She can come over to our house maybe drink some wine or whatever she wants. As I lossen up a little I start to move closer to her on the couch. We're laughing and joking I put my hand on her thigh, pause, she gives me that look that she wants me to work my way to her juicy honey pot. My husband is eagerly watching us get closer and closer. I move in for a kiss, oh wow, her lips are softer than I imagined. She kisses back with some pressure, I know she's enjoying it. I start taking off her shirt as she takes mine off as well. Her breasts are big and luscious. I start to tease her nipples with my tongue, she lets out a little moan. Her honey pot must be soaked by now. As I start to unzip her jeans she stops me, pushes me down on the couch to tease me a little. I look over at my husband, he's really enjoying this I can see the huge bulge in his pants. I keep thinking about her wet puss I want to taste it so bad.

We go to the bedroom so she can lay down. I was right, she's soaked, it taste so good I can't get enough. she moans and groans She's really liking this. My husband is undressed and stroking his cock I invite him to fuck my ass so he can watch us a little closer. I put two fingers in her pussy and she quivers I work them in and out massaging her g-spot. I can feel her cum in my palm. Its my turn I let her fuck my husband as she eats my puss. She starts moaning right away, it turns me on that she likes his dick so much. Her tongue is amazing, it so warm. She sees my huge dildo and starts working it in me as she tickles my clit It doesn't take long til I cum. My husband's not done so he lays down and we suck his cock and lick his balls together. I work my way down and tease his ass with my tongue a few sec later he cums all over the both of us.

Oh what a night that would be!!

GraspCrownRusts 47M
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7/24/2006 11:29 am

Nice story. Thanks for posting it and welcome to the blogs!...


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