still moody  

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6/8/2006 10:46 am

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still moody

x boyfriend whom i hate but have lots of chemistry with is back...have you ever like needed someone but you knew they were the wrong person for you and would never have a relationship with? he's like, icky, in my words, but it's i dunno...sigh...

i miss my friends; they are all in different states, the lawyer is in little rock, the scientist is in kansas, my other friend going to school is in florida and the other is in ohio and i'm HERE...with my ex that i need but can't best friend from high school is luckily here but after work we're both so tired we don't have energy to do anything....

i've been watching sex in the city like it's my addiction and back to the future like every day...i guess we all get in slumps...

and i've eaten like a pig the last two days and surprisingly i lost like 2 pounds so i don't know what's up with that, i'm not complaining, maybe i'm not eating as much as i think i am.......i'm really getting better on my binge eating disorder and have kept off like 12 lbs for a few months and am losing i am not complaining for fear of jinxing it...

can't wait to go to chicago to see wicked with my looking forward to it......


6/8/2006 12:03 pm

It's weird but if you eat at regualr times it seems much more food can be eaten without weight gain then if you are on a sporadic schedule.

My understanding of it now is that if you starve yourself your body begins storing everything it possibly can once you do eat as it is then anticipating another period of starvation.

In a nutshell dieting by cutting off all food for ahwile is usuzally a bad thing because once youy do start eating the body really starts packing in on at a much quicker rate than before.

Luckily when my ex got married she moved out of town. Seeing her is usually not good for me because I'll think of how well conected we were on the physical side of things (in the bedroom). And at this point that should remain a past past memory. I mean if she were local nothing would happen between us but just seeing her more frequently would most likely have me thinking of such things.


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