Fake Profiles, Multi-profilers and Stalkers  

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3/5/2006 7:21 pm

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Fake Profiles, Multi-profilers and Stalkers

The problems caused by fake profiles never seem to go away. I am not just talking about the fake bot profiles that are designed to lure the unsuspecting to pay websites. They pop up as fast as they are reported and deleted. It seems like everyday some guy posts on the Advice Line that some “woman” has referred him to a pay website are some “woman” from an eastern European country has professed her love for him and needs money to come to the US. They all act surprised and shocked that such a thing could happen. Some of them actually fall for it. As P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute."

While the bots are a nuisance, the real problems are caused by fake profiles created by members of the website. There are some legitimate reasons why members may want to have more than one profile. Sometimes couples are on both as a couple and individually. Some may have profiles tailored for specific purposes such as straight person who also may be looking for some “alternative” sexual activities but doesn’t want to use their straight profile to do so. There are also people who like to create fake profiles just to post joke or bogus questions and articles in the magazine. They do this for their own entertainment. Sometimes this can be fun and the members seem to enjoy bashing the fake profile. However, it is no longer fun when a fake profile is used to harass other members and stir up dissent among the members. This has happened in the magazine, in the groups and in the blogs.

Fake and stolen profile pics are another problem. Many people use pics from porn websites. One was recently exposed by a member who happened to recognize the pic of the Greekbabe from another website. People were beginning to suspect that the Greekbabe might be a fake profile by the bullshit that was being posted. The profile was deleted when it was exposed. The most notorious recent example was the idiot who stole TBone’s dick and used it on a fake profile. By now, TBone probably has the most famous and recognizable dick in the world. There are not many dicks wearing watches. (Takes lickin’ but keeps on tickin’ It boggles the mind that someone would think they could get away with that on the same website. However, pics are stolen from websites all the time and posted on fake profiles on other websites. Sometimes the pic and profile are not used in a very nice way. That is one reason why I will not post a pic.

The most common use of multiple fake profiles is to stalk members a multi-profiler doesn't like and post negative votes on comments and questions posted by people that the multi-profiler does not like. Some members have also used an alternative profile to either praise things they post with their real handle or flame other members who they do not like. An episode of these harassing activities by one member that had been going on since last October was recently exposed on the Advice Line.

Last Spring, I was attacked by the most notorious multi-profiler on the website. This was when I exposed glue stick girl as a fake profile. The multi-profiler got nasty. He stalked me throughout the website and used multiple profiles to post many negative votes on anything I posted and to put negative comments on anything I posted. He went back to past posts and flamed them too. He created several fake profiles that mimicked my handle so that people could not readily tell that it wasn't’me. He substituted the letter "l“ for the number "1“ in my handle which cannot be detected. When I had the abuse team delete those fake profiles he created others by putting a space at the beginning or end of the handle that could not be readily detected. In the course of having the abuse team delete these fake profiles several of his other fake profiles were discovered and deleted. He had created a group that consisted entirely of many of his fake profiles. All the fake profiles and the group were deleted by the abuse team.

He used the fake mimic handles to flame other members and post some really offensive shit to make people think it was me. Fortunately, the regulars recognized what was going on and rallied to my support. The abuse team also recognized what was going on and was very helpful. Many people, including the abuse team, figured out who the multi-profiler was who was behind this. However, he was smart enough to keep his real profile and email separate from the fake profiles and the website had no basis for deleting his real profile. He is still active on the website and is behind many if not most of the fake profiles on the website. I had my previous articles that had been flamed so badly deleted by the website management and have since re-posted some of them. The website also deleted many of the Advice Line questions that were flamed badly by the multi-profiler.

I believe that a recent incident in which a fake mimic profile flamed some members of a group was done by him also. It appeared to be done to discredit a member of a group that he had a problem with and used a fake mimic handle to turn the other members of the group against the guy he did not like. It was the same thing that was done to me. It is too much of coincidence to believe that the same guy was not behind it. And the similarity of writing style was similar also.

The multi-profiler also copied my profile and handle and put it on nearly every adult website on the internet. He even put it on a lesbian website. He used my handle and profile to post some of the most offensive stuff you could imagine on these other websites. Some of the offensive stuff was the same stuff he posted on this website using a fake handle that mimicked mine. I learned of this from another member who saw it on the other websites. I did an internet search of my handle and found it all over the place and my copied profile all over the place. Since I know the real handle of the multiprofiler, I did a search for his and, lo and behold, his handle was on everyone of those websites also. This why I am glad that I did not post a pic on my profile. If I had posted a pic on my profile my pic would have been copied as well and posted all over the internet by now and used in a similar bad way.

I believe that this same guy is the main multi-profiler on this website and that he has multiple fake profiles on many other websites doing the same thing. He has made enough mistakes trying to manipulate his many fake profiles that I and others have been able to identify many of them. The similarity in writing style and subjects of the fake profiles forms a compelling pattern. There have been other indicators that I don’t want to put on the website because it could cause him to change some things he is doing. The whiterussian dude that flamed Miss Krissy and me this week may be this same multi-profiler. The language used is remarkably similar to that used by another fake profile. Plus the whiterussian dude’s profile had only been up a short time yet he seemed to be familiar with Miss Krissy who only returned to posting recently. The whiterussion dude is gone now too but he made a threat that indicated that he is still around with another profile.

Many of the fake profiles are easily identifiable as fakes because of the bullshit that is posted. Glue stick girl, patti, madcowtits, and zackcum are just some of the more famous ones. There have been many others. Most if not all of these are believed to be from the same multi-profiler. These things can not be proven conclusively but the similarities in style are so striking that it makes a compelling case that most, if not all are the creations of the same person.

There is some debate about who the bathrobe guy is. Some think he is actually from Australia. I have my doubts because he uses very typical American language and references. He has also made some mistakes about Australia. Others have said that they have seen his pic on a seniors website. It certainly doesn’t look like the pic of a 45 year old guy. If it is his pic, he is in very sorry ass condition for his age. So it may be astolen pic. Regardless of where he is from or who he really is, he has created a fake personality designed just to stir things up. He has been successful at doing this and has become the websites favorite guy to bash. I think he enjoys all this and is getting a big kick out of it.

Last year a fake profile who was called out for posting bullshit made a very interesting comment. She said that her questions were better than all the dick-size questions being asked and asked where our sense of humor was. I think that may be the motivation behind some of the bullshit questions. They want to add some interest to the website and enjoy watching people respond to bogus questions. I must admit that I get a big laigh when people give serious responses to the most unbelievable questions. It shows that some people will believe anything.

I personally don’t care if people post fake stuff or whether they are a fake profile. I don’t mind having fun with a fake profile. After all, the fake profile is having fun so why can’t I have some fun with the fake profile. A fake profile is not a real person but is a fictional character. They deserve no more respect than the fictional characters in a book, play or movie. So when you flame a fake profile you are doing no harm to a real person.

But it is different when a fake profile is used to stalk and harm others on this website. I will, and I think others will also, expose profiles that are stalking and harassing others. This website is supposed to be fun. When people start taking the fun out of it and hurting others, then it is time to call them all out.

Well that is enough of a long rant. It is time to get back to some happy posting.

themisskrissy 57F
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3/5/2006 8:25 pm

talking about fakes and abusers...
i see perpetomobile13 is posting again today..i saw her in one of the threads by baisesvp, who is either a very large egotistical asshole, or a fake..

i will happy do what i can to flush 'em out for ya'll...

waving at SW3!!!

Virtue Alone Ennobles

themisskrissy 57F
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3/5/2006 8:30 pm

now that you got that off your chest header, there is somethings on mine needing attention...

Virtue Alone Ennobles

SensuousWoman3 56F
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3/5/2006 9:32 pm

!aving back at misskrissy!!! Pondering your post, header, and commenting later. Thank you for this well written read.


rm_SultryVirgo 49F
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3/5/2006 10:22 pm

Zee bad penny that is psycho nut case on the cross, well lets hope she has come to some sense, and stopped. Her fakes have become easier to spot now, simply because she has done it so often to me and other's lol, is that not sad or what? You can spot her shit in a matter of moments now.

But there is a pattern to what she's doing, you can see it, if someone disagree's with her in a post, within days one of the little spawns come out, it's creepy actually. I'm still getting my negative votes, look when you get 5 or 6 on every freakingy post you make, you know someone has a hate on for you.

OH well I'm a stubborn woman, and won't let her get away with it, I have to respond, it's not in me to just roll over.

We can't pull them from the site, but we can keep up the pressure, in whatever form we need too. Either by writing a.f.f. calling them out on the ad lines, in the blogs, in the groups, and to not let everyone pull the "but you are being so mean to them" BULLSHIT. If this constant stalking of negative voting is not being bullied, and being mean then I don't know what is. I'll fight back, and keep fighing back for whoever it's happening too. I don't care who is being harrassed I just care that it be stopped, and since I know who my fucked up bully is, your damn right I'll keep up the pressure on her ass, as long as I don't violate the TOU, I'm good to go, until she backs the fuck off. Some people can be reasoned with, some people need to be argued with, but some people DO NOT understand anything but guerilla warfare. And I make no apologies for wanting this to stop so I can enjoy the site without having to worry about looking over my shoulder all time. Because if I leave, the bitch wins, and I'm sorry but I don't let anyone like that win.


SolarPowered0 111M
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3/5/2006 10:37 pm

Well, I think you pretty much summed it up, Header. Most of the people around here haven't had any contact with these issues. So, they just ignore the problem.

Your right about this never going away. As Soy mentioned my "solution", I believe that would go some distance toward solving some of the problems but not all of them. The only way to really tackle it is for AFFland to take off the gloves (along with all of us) and start kicking the crap out of people with civil suits and in some cases criminal charges. They have the TOU's well placed and they are extensive enough to cover almost anything civilly they might want to enforce. The issue is money. It gets expensive to staff with lawyers.

That's where the issue needs to be considered of creating a pay site. That not only gives AFFland the resources (which I don't believe they have curently for this purpose), but it also create an environment in which most members, because they are paying, will want to get the most for theor money and they won't take kindly to either others, or even themselves, doing the kinds of things which the MP's do.

Perhaps a standard member can exist with limited capabilities for posting and for voting. They can "look", but they can't "touch." If every member of AFFland was to pay something - it don't have to be much - payable by credit card or personal check ONLY, that would create the incentive for both the site and the members to "live" a decent existence here. If the site has 1MM members, each paying $5 per month... that's some pretty sizeable bucks - at least in my book.

The point of this "payment" is to allow AFFland to have the money they deserve to make and to provide some tangible traceability for whackin' anyone that gets into harrassing and defamatroy practices.

Of course, as I have said, also, elimination of the "disagree" and "neutral" votes would pretty much eliminate most of the hostility generated. The "agree" votes can stay and will still allow for the "shitlist" to be populated by a simple tabulation of total votes instead of some damned formula which no one understands anyway.

Nothing is pefect and there will always be someone trying to screw the pooch. But, dealing with a few idiots is a lot easier than having to defend yourself constantly against the ones that hide in the shadows and click their mouse.

When all is said and done, this place should be an enjoyable pastime. It has been progressing toward the "war" zone many have alluded. It doesn't have to be this way. But, only AFFland can secure this place for all of us to have fun in.


Hippink 36F  
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3/6/2006 7:16 pm

The complete and utter immaturity of a person who would do such a thing as create multiple profiles JUST to annonymously piss off or hurt other people is something I just cannot fathom. Is it insanity? Someone so horribly bored that this could matter to them so much? It is ridiculously pathetic.

Although... I have to admit it would be kinda fun to just let loose with another profile and say the silliest things once in a while. I think of it as being akin to dressing up at Hallowe'en, being under a mask... or being one of those mascots that get to run up to anyone they want and try to hug them (like at Disneyland). It would be so much fun to just be SO silly and not have to adhere to the image I have portrayed. I have an image to protect!

But I'd NEVER do it just to try to damage someone else's reputation, like what people have done to you. That takes a pretty sick, twisted mind.

It would be kinda fun to be like patticruisin1on1... but not as stupid or vulgar.

*SIGH* I looked at the advice lines today, and if I could think of something funny to say, I'd try to spice it up a little. As it is, there's not one question I feel like answering. Ah well.
Hippie XXX

How to Get Laid on AFF The Basics
Have fun, play safe!

flagg134 37M
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3/6/2006 8:51 pm

Excellent post header!!!

I think that it would take a truly sick person to do what was done to you defamating your character in a public forum. Truly atrocius as for the others that vote on peoples responses its a silly sad attempt at flaming or attacking someone. I too agree with solars one dollar post on the ad lines that was an awesome idea. Too bad AdultFriendFinder just wants to boast the most amount of members and encourages everyone to join. It would also help to keep kids off the site as a side bonus.

To anyone on this thread if you have a problem with a multiprofiling sicko I would be more than willing to help research and have your back with contacting AdultFriendFinder.

To all Happy Posting

MissAnnThrope 57F
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3/10/2006 2:33 am

You know, you actually are on a lesbian site by being on this site. LesbianPersonals dot com leads right into A.F.F. It's one of many sites that does. rdy2try4 told me the other day that she found yet another site that leads right here. So the mulitple site thing, they all could have been your profile here. You wouldn't believe how many sites lead right to this one.

Now, remember last year when this was going on and I told you how to find IP addresses on profiles and where to go to look them up? Bathrobe boy actually traces to Melbourne. But zacklove, madcow, a few others all traced to the same IP block, the same company the same town. So no, you weren't just being paranoid there.

SensuousWoman3 56F
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3/22/2006 1:51 am

Very interesting information about the IP addresses on profiles, MissAnn. There's a few more I'd like to check out. Hell, even without knowing the IP addresses last year, Header, you were not being paranoid. There was no question as to what was going on.

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