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3/11/2006 6:18 pm

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Dick Size

Many members complain about the constant questions asking about dick size on the Advice Line. Sometimes there are several questions a day about dick size. Many times the guys that ask questions about their dicks get a lot of ribbing from other members. Some guys who are just advertising their dick size deserve the ribbing. They would get the same reaction in a locker room or bar if they started bragging about their dick size.

When I first joined the website in 2004, I was amazed at how many straight guys asked about dick size. I had no idea that straight guys were so obsessed about dick size. I also noticed that gay and bisexual men did not ask questions about dick size. As Andy Rooney would say, “Why is that?”

Aside from advertising, there are two main reasons the questions about dicks are asked on the Advice Line The first has to do with the website. When a guy fills out his profile, he is asked two questions about his dick. What is the size and is he circumcised or not? That immediately puts the question in his mind about what difference does it make. Being new to the website and not knowing that the question routinely is asked, he is going to ask something about his dick. What is average? What is long? Does size make a difference? Does it make a difference whether a guy is cut or uncut? So the website itself prompts the question to be asked so often.

The second, and I think primary, reason is that straight guys don’t get to talk about their dicks and don’t know too much about other guys’ dicks.

Gay and bisexual men don’t have to ask questions about dicks because they already know from experience what is small, average and big. They know how they measure up! Gay and bisexual
men can discuss their dicks openly so there is no mystery about dicks to them.

But most straight guys don’t get to see another guy’s dick, unless they participate in team sports. And also it isn’t cool for a straight guy to stare. And a straight guy almost never sees another guy hard. So most straight guys don’t know too much about other dicks and don’t have much of a basis for comparison, except for what they see in porn flicks. Straight guys can’t ask questions about dicks because other guys will think they are weird. Most straight guys can’t even talk about feelings with other straight guys. So most straight guys have no way to ask questions about their dicks. What is normal? What is average? What is big? What is small? What is thick? In the US, cut guys wonder about what they are missing and if they feel as good to women as guys with uncut dicks. Men by nature are competitive so they naturally wonder how they compare with other guys. It isn’t so much insecurity as it is their nature.

Most men appear to define themselves by their dick. That is what makes them a man physically. It is the most important part of their body and it is the source of great pleasure. When I was in the Army, I read that the least life-threatening or disabling injury is to the genitals yet that is the one injury that soldiers fear more than any other injury. A definition of a man could be a life support system for a dick! lol

So what is the first question some straight guys ask when they join the website? They ask the first thing that is on their mind that they can’t get answered anywhere else. Does size matter? Which do you prefer, cut or uncut? Some even give their dick size and ask if it is small, average or large. I remember one military guy from Ft Bragg who said he was 9 ½ inches and had always thought he was average! It appears that many men genuinely don’t know too much about other men’s dicks and this website is the only place that they can safely ask these questions anonymously.

I had an email exchange with an 18 year old dude in the UK who was complaining that the skin on his dick got too tight when he got hard and made it difficult for him to wank. After a few email exchanges, I realized that his foreskin was not retracting. He had no idea that the foreskin was supposed to retract from the head of his dick. He had never seen another guy hard and just thought that it was normal for the foreskin to cover the head of the dick all the time. That just illustrates how isolated guys are when it comes to learning about their dicks.

There is nothing we can do about the question. New guys on the website will continue to ask the question and very few would think to do a search of the website for previous answers. So lets give the guys a break who ask about dick size. This is the only place that they can ask that question. Let them get it out of their system. If you don’t like the question, just ignore it. Folks, these questions ain’t going away!

themisskrissy 57F
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3/11/2006 9:12 pm

item one: women are asked about bra size... i don't see too many posts about women "measuring up"...

item two: men who define themselves by thier dick are generally to immature or insecure for me...

i certainly get your point...

it is too bad that guys don't get as much education about how to live happily with what nature gave them, as they do in being macho/tough guys...

Virtue Alone Ennobles

Hippink 36F  
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3/11/2006 9:29 pm

At least in typing. Got your attention!
I totally agree, and it is why I have never had a problem answering the question truthfully. Every guy who comes to the lines for the first time to get his points might ask the question. And so what if they do? I started posting just to get my points, so why can't they?

Women can check out other womens' breasts. Men can't see other guys' cocks though, and even if they did, they'd doubtfully see them hard. We're always hearing that bigger is better with cocks & breasts ... it is thought shared by the immature, small-minded people who can't think for themselves, make their own opinions, taking what they see in the media as being truth.

Most people grow out of this idea of bigger is better as they formulate their own ideas. Most men don't care about breast size. Most women don't care about cock size. They care about the person the parts belong to.

But men are always left wondering what exactly IS big? What is average? Small? Most have absolutely no idea. They have to rely on the opinions of the women they've been with. If a woman thinks your cock is big, it's only because the last one she saw was smaller. You have to see a lot of cocks before you can know what is average.

It's absolutely true that men don't know how their cocks compare. There's a guy I see once in a while who has a smaller than average cock, but he's an excellent lover. I was stupid enough to say something to him about liking his cock because I can fit the whole thing in my mouth, while I have to struggle with Square's... and hubby's is QUITE impossible. I don't think he knew that he's smaller. Square, on the other hand, when he was trying to pick me up on a sex site, told me he was average. He's bigger than average. (I was looking for a man average or smaller cuz hubby is too big). Luckily for him, he turned out to fit perfectly.

Guys seriously don't know. How could they? So I don't mind answering the question at all. It is a legitimate one. I think it's awfully silly when they use it to promote themselves, but can't blame them for that, either, as I was guilty of it, too.
Everyone wants to be wanted. Everyone wants to be what people want. It boosts our chances of hooking up. Everyone is entitled to their chance.

Now... if we could just work on the brains of some of the people posting....
Hippie XXX

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flagg134 37M
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3/12/2006 7:00 pm

I agree with your view on this Header I don't personally respond to these questions because there are plenty of people to answer them and the question bores me a little. I think Hippie hit it on the head that everyone wants to be what everyone else wants out there. Just to give them a shot at hooking up. While I'm sure to most women it doesn't matter guys just like to hear that theirs is perfect. Sort of like the women who wonder if they should get breast enhancement which I stand against because people are fine the way they are. Its just an ego question its not like they can change this about themselves.


SolarPowered0 111M
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3/16/2006 8:54 pm

I look at it this way... I you got a dick and someone asks if they can suck on it (or better yet, doesn't ask) then that puppy's just about the exact size it needs to be. Any questions? *LMFAO*


rm_tazok3000 58M
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3/16/2006 8:57 pm

about dick size - its a dominance thing, men want to have big dicks, like deer want to have big antlers.

and of course there ARE women who care about dick size. And you always wonder (for us with average endowments) if the one youre with is one of them - of course she wont say that she misses an ex-BF who had a bigger cock, but she might. Of course if youre sane you'll work on the things you can control.

as for breasts, I dont agree size doesnt matter. Which doesnt mean only big ones are good. I love all sizes of breasts, cause each size has something special about it.

SolarPowered0 111M
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3/17/2006 3:32 pm

I forgot to mention that my ex-wife actually was one of the women who feel that a bigger cock IS the way to go. She made sure she told me (after she left) that she had found someone younger, richer... with a bigger dick. I told her I always knew she'd get what she wanted out of life. She appreciated my confidence in her.

I like to call him "Big Dick Larry." He likes that, too. Makes him feel like a real man! *ROTFLMFAO*


bardicman 51M

3/20/2006 2:00 am

ROFL at Solar...

My name is not Larry ...

I am not dead yet

SensuousWoman3 56F
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3/22/2006 1:45 am

Interesting take, Header. I always figured with sports and communal showers and all, even straight guys had seen it all and there was nothing left to compare. Evidently not. If not blatantly self-promoting, it gives me a whole new perspective on this inquiry. Could it be? A kinder, gentler SW3?

header1979 38M
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3/22/2006 8:12 am

Hey SSW3, Large communal showers are starting to go away and not that many guys play team sports anymore. College dorms that once had larg communal showers now have put in individual shower curtains around the showers. Don't know why this is being done but it creating an environment in which guys don't usually get to see another guy's dick. Not that guys need to be specifically looking but the natural sight of naked guys is becoming less of of the normal experience for guys.

Hippink 36F  
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3/22/2006 11:40 am

Not to mention the fact that the guys are probably not erect in those showers, either.
And, looking is rude.
I try not to stare when I see other women's T&A at the pool locker room. Well, OK, I try not to drool....
Hippie XXX

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Hippink 36F  
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3/23/2006 6:29 pm

See my blog for details.
Hippie XXX

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