Best week EVER!!  

hawaiismanhoe19 30M
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9/11/2006 11:16 pm
Best week EVER!!

Well this weekend was fucking GREAT!!! Friday we went to Pipeline and it was the best club that we went to since we'v been here!! The club was awesome, the people were fantastic and the go-go dancers were goin LOL! But yah The club was packed and there were a lot of hotties talkin to me and checkin me out LOL! The best part about dancin other than the great music was this mist air condition fan that came on once in awhile!! It would come down from the ceiling and small drops of water would come down and cold air would come down and cool everyone off!! It was soo weird i saw like about 10 people from kauai! I was like OMFG WTF r u doing here!!! LOL!!! But yah so then after that Saturday we went to watch Little man and then we cruised the mall with my Russian friend and Japanese Friend Serge and Yumi!! THEN Later that night we went to Venus and it was BORING!! OMG!! there was like male strippers and like a Tranny Drag queen show LOL!! There was like maybe 1 or 2 people that actually got the crowd pumped up lol!! It was funny i dunno why they make me laugh LOL!! Then it got fucking crowded and We was about to leave untill SOMEONE called me by a name that I just ABSOLUTLY HA?TE!! GRR!! lol said hi and then he told me and Kellie that we should stay for the dancing cause it was about to happen in like a few minutes!! So we stayed to dance and like dancing finnally came!! LOL!! So we ran to the dance floor but the smnall dance floor became PACKED!! If u seen me dance i move my whole body and i was bumping people with my ass and people were bumping into me and i was like OMFG LOL!!! Then it kinan got cleared and then im starting to do my shake, and this black rasta guy with his dreads comes up behind me and starts rubbing his THING against my ass and i was like OMFG!! KELLIE SAVE ME!! LOL! Then this other black guy comes next to me and starts dancing i was like OMFG KELLIE we need to go LOL!!! HAHAH So then we went to Likelike Drive in and we ate and then like went home LOL!! Then Sunday we went to the mall had 2 hotties checking me out as i snobbed them walking past them LOL!!! Then we went to watch John Tucker must die and that was FRICKEN a GREAT MOVIE!!! But yah, That was My weekend!! LOL!!

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