Coming to the end of my journey  

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2/26/2006 6:03 pm

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Coming to the end of my journey

Well after a year on AdultFriendFinder, I have indeed met many many friends, acquiantances, and just about every form of life that walks this earth. I have been viewed on this site 57846 as of today and hot listed 87 times this month alone. I feel I get alot of attention and every bit of it is appriciated. I thank those that verbalize what they think of me good or bad. I can't tell you how many times I have been asked to suck someones dick, as if I was ever going to jump in my car and race off, drop to my knees and just go to town. I sometimes think the guys think the girls like all the i'll suck your ass, and make you come fifty times before, I do talk, and maybe some do, I am not one of those women. I would rather you show me then tell me. I am a very sexual person, but yet I am still a romantic even if its just casual sex, what was your name again? I have been treated from one spectrum, I have been treated with the upmost respect and kindness, gentleness and loving hands of some beautiful men, and on the other spectrum, I have been treated no better then a blow up doll or pocket pussy. I think that people need to stop and think when they are meeting someone why they are meeting them, if its just sex without any form of friendship or responsiblity for your actions later on, the local fun zone should have something there for you that holds not emotional responsibility, and that way no one gets hurt. Now the friends with benefits saying, this saying is only a way of someone sayint they do not have to be responsible for actions or treatment after they fuck you, all friends should carry some degree of benefit, sexual or non sexual, and all of the people that say no strings attached well this is also an illusion, its a way of doing what you want, with who you want, and not being responsible for anothers feelings due to your behavors or bad manners, because there isnt one person on this site not looking to find the fuck of a life time, and if they do there is no way they are going to want to let that person go. If people are true to themselves, and would just be honest and say you know I dont really know what I am looking for but I want it to be great and when I find it I wont let it go, now is that you, I do not know, but we can meet and get to know one another and find out. Freaky people like to get freaky with other freaky people that is more about what this site is to me, not just lets hook up like dogs with everyone that is on site. I had a gentlmen on this site tell me that if I was looking for a relationship this was not the site to be on, well I have news for all that believe that just because this is a sex site people dont hook up they probably hook up more on this site then they do match, because and are the same thing as here just camoflodged. And then your are starting off on a lie, but they are just as horney as the rest of us, in truth you can be a bit more liberal on this site which makes it a better site to be on.
This man told me that he would never marry a woman he met on AdultFriendFinder, he would search the grocery stores and gyms. Well good luck to you, seems that that this has worked for you so well thus far, why are you on adult friend finders? Oh you think its a whore site, for cheap men, that don't want to pay for girls like us. Well what is this man going to do when he meets that girl at the grocery store, and she hooks him, the dream that he is, and then he finds out she was on AdultFriendFinder and he didint know it until after they are married. Well annulment or what, no, I think not, there has to be a degree of sexual compatability, and I feel AdultFriendFinder is more for the people who like to watch, be watch, multiples, new expereinces kind of european like people in the states, and that is all I think, I dont think every man on here is a horn dog and just looking to get fucked, I dont think that the women other than being more sexual and have a higher appitite are whores or sluts beucause they are on here. I think this site has things that are great about it and things that could use some improvment. such as dick pics, what is the purpose of these, is this for me to say omg, thats the one, I have to have it, get me that mans number please!!!!!!! Hurry I can't wait, I would and I am sure most of us including men when looking at the kitty, although men do like to look at the kitty, would rather see a face, I have only seen one beautiful cock in my life, and it was attached to a dick, so really in the long run wasnt all it was cracked up to be. Well then we have the web cam, well this is an interesting tool, main purpose to see what someone looks like, and now used to masterbate, give shows and sort of live porno, and that all good people get off on it, but its sad when the cam has taken over the real deal, as in, you have offered a nooner, and you see the guy on line on and he is jacking off on cam instead, there is something wrong with that. To be continued.

Well I am back to educate all of you with my thoughts on AdultFriendFinder, and all I got out of it. Now onto some of the other subjects that are never addressed with the exception of the occational chat room debate. Married men, well I have heard every angle on this arrugment, and my take on it is this, everyone has their own reasons for doing what it is they do, they are aware of the risks they are taking, they are aware that it is wrong, and as long as they are up front and don't lie about what it is, then I believe that this is there torch to carry. I don't agree with the married men not telling though. I think this is an ulimate desception, and how people really get hurt, and then in turn hurt the wife out of anger toward the man that was not truthful. We as women do have unwritten rules when it comes to one another. Honesty on a site such as this one is the only way it will work, and you can form anything from being casual to serious. As in anything, truth shows the up most respect for someone, even if it hurts a bit. Men and women for that matter have their own reasons for cheating on their significant others. Maybe its the only thing keeping them alive with hope, maybe that one hour a week they spend with their lover makes the difference in their ability to keep going to support his/her family. Maybe that time spent and the up lift it gives him/her stops them for beating their wifes ass, and gives him the patience he/she needs to get through another day. Maybe his/her wife is termainally ill and cannot sexually satisfy him/her, and the only way they get sexually released is to take up a lover, and being they have not lost love for this person and do not want to leave them and want to be with them to the end, is not what I would call a bad thing. Now I don't think hurting someone is any option, but if for whatever reaasons they feel the need to do this and its not for me to judge. We all have our own reasons that we do and make the decisions we make. So I say opt for honesty and roll with what comes your way, hopefully a smile and a bit of hope for another day to come. I do know this to be fact for men, men have testosterone and if that builds up to a large degree they become very crabby and unresonable, ever heard the saying, he needs to get laid worse then any man I know that is what they are saying, his testoserone is built up to a point that he cannot control his emotional state. This is fact, I think of it much like we have to much estrogen, and that my lady friends is PMS, so men do get the same thing if we as women do not take care of their needs.

Chat rooms, oh well I just recently started going into these things, and I have had fun in there as well and met again some great people. I would have to say though that the treatment of one another in these rooms leaves alot to be desired. The terms used in reference to someones looks or who they are without ever talking to them or know them. I also think the way the women can act in these rooms is ludicris. If one woman is getting a bit to much attention the feathers go up and they seem to be threatened, well girls this is a dating site, and one that everyone is far game unless it is known they are a couple. If not well one cannot stop another one from liking someone else, and ladies you cant blame the girl for merely having fun or being there. The ratio for men to women is about 100/1 I would guess and I do believe that is a low ratio estimate. I do think there is plenty of men to go around. We need not be at each other over such things, I don't believe. The comments I have heard in the chat rooms have been some of the most horrific I have ever heard in my life, racist comments, sexest comments, and things that do not pertain to fun at all, the fighting in chat is rather comical, I love a great debate and to put someone in their place from time to time but the back and forth over sex or men or women can be so distructive and hurtful why do it. Well I do like chat though it has uplifted my spirits more than once or twice, thanks boys, and a few exceptional women sexy, and red. I had a wonderful evening with these girls we joked and laughed and had a blast, one of the best nights i ever had on AdultFriendFinder, and it was with two women, it was great.

Well I have a few people I want to thank from this sight for always being there when I needed to talk or cry or laugh, it has nothing to do with sex my relationship with these men and women, to say the least these peeps are some of the sexiest on the site and know and are smart enough to know that its more then just about who is sucking whos dick, but if you know please tell we love to find these things out, ha ha ha. Well first, lovinglife2k5, one of the sexiest men on site, kind, compassionate, and always uplifting and brings a smile to my face every single time I speak with him, he is respectful and a great guy to get to know, just getting to know him was one of the best adventures. Ladies don't pass this on up if you do your have got AdultFriendFinder idious and need to get some smelling salts, he is truly wonderful and I adore him and he will be a friend for a longtime to come. Cahardguy, another wonderful man, full of character, charm, gentlemen like ways, and brutally honest, good man this one is with so much to offer, good advice, and ear to listen, and a comforting word if needed, or harsh wake up if need be also, exoticbrizilian, he is a blast, he is one that I will truly love forever, he makes me smile, laugh on my worst days, and he brightens the day whenever I speak to him, up beat, sexy as hell, and girls these men are the cream of the crop, they are of high quality and fun as they come. I want to thank each of them for making my life better everyday just because they are in it and are my friend, and they care about me not anything other than me and my well being as a friend. BBBRIMAN YOU ARE THE TOPS AS FAR AS FRIENDS GO AND ILL CONTINUE TO BUG THIS MAN UNTIL THE END OF TIME, HE IS HANDSOME, BUILT AND ONE OF A KIND, LADIES CHECK HIM OUT. UCBRUIN, WOW, this guy is probably one of the nicest, sexiest, hottest men on this site, he is so damn sexy and smart, I get wet just thinking about him, I am so very glad I had the opportunity to visit with him and get to know him a bit, ladies, good choice check him out, and good luck to all that try and the one that captures this one wins. Boys your the best in my book. There are a few ladies I would like to thank from the interracial room and they are sexy and red and gld, these ladies are very welcoming to the new comers and bi or not they show a kindness that is so nice, and mrzphat and law well we have gone our round but i think the truce was great, and the way it should be, mrphat thanks for trying to see me for me. Ladies rock on its been fun maybe ill be back one day soon who knows, but I am going off on a different adventure hopfully to find a big mule of a man who wants to carry me away, but we shall see and ill report back to you and hopefully with a success story.

Everyone keep it light and fun and be good to each other, next post a beautiful poem everyone should look at
bye bye
its been fun
maybe to return soon one never knows I might miss ya all

sexxyassbitch 48F

3/2/2006 11:42 pm

hey girlfriend jus read your blog and hell nothin like keepin it real like you do !! thanx for those props appreciate it , i'm glad we crossed paths we have alot in common more than you know , lets save that for a different day lol !! hats off 2 you mama your 1 exxy lady . kisses n lixxxx sexxy xoxo

N2lotsru 58M
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3/1/2006 10:08 pm

Good writing but a bit wry at the end you have much more to say and you cut it short....I don't understand that....

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